Lack of sleep changes your personality

In 1959, New York DJ Peter Tripp stayed awake 200 hours for charity. While the impact of his 'wakeathon' was far more dramatic than expected, doctors are still learning about why it changed him so much. Jakke Tamminen, a psychology lecturer at Royal Holloway, explains

Lack of sleep changes your personalityIn 1959, Peter Tripp, a popular New York DJ, pledged to stay awake for 200 hours for charity while continuing to host his radio show. Studies into sleep deprivation were rare at the time so no one knew what to expect. This made it a major event, not only for Tripp’s millions of listeners, but […]

All you need to know about ADHD

Although every person with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) presents differently, there are some common signs and symptoms associated with each of the three main types of ADHD

All you need to know about ADHDAttention deficit hyperactivity disorder is considered a neurobehavioral condition, which involves regular episodes of impulsive behavior, hyperactivity, or difficulties sustaining attention. In some cases, it is a combination of all the above. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), about 10.2 percent of children in the United States aged between 4 and […]

Rare: Mumbai’s schizophrenic man diagnosed with paedophilia, undergoes treatment

Co-morbidity is nothing but basically the combining of two or more factors at one go, which at times could be one ailment followed by another. As for this 38-year-old Mumbai man, schizophrenia, an illness for which he was treated for more than 15 years now, is suffering from another ailment- paedophilia and he is under treatment for his condition

Rare: Mumbai’s schizophrenic man diagnosed with paedophilia, undergoes treatmentCo-morbid ailments are very difficult to heal. In a one-off case, now, a schizophrenic has been detected with another illness, paedophilia.  To the surprise of the doctors treating him, paedophilia is co-morbidity and not a manifestation of schizophrenia in this case. Schizophrenia is a difficult disease to handle. Paedophilia, for another is a very difficult […]

Mumbai man suffers rare delusion of being a crow

A 30-year-old paranoid schizophrenia patient suffers from the delusion of being a crow. He has been undergoing treatment for the past seven years

Mumbai man suffers rare delusion of being a crowThe patients and staff around psychiatry OPD number 21 at Lokmanya Tilak Municipal General Hospital (LTMG), Mumbai, were confronted by a puzzling ‘crow man’ Thursday. Mitesh Santani (name changed) has the unusual delusion of being a crow and his condition has baffled the doctors at the hospital. “In my entire practice, I have never seen anyone […]

Man performing sexual activities in sleep, puzzles city doctors

One-of-a-kind sleep parasomnia reported by a guy at city hospital puzzles doctors. It is about a young man performing sexual activities in sleep. When My Medical Mantra tried to ask doctors from the city if they have seen any such cases, many of them denied having any such patient

Man performing sexual activities in sleep, puzzles city doctorsIf you have read Ralph Ellison’s popular novel ‘Invisible Man’, you would remember the farmer who had claimed of a unique medical condition of raping his daughter in sleep. What seemed like a weird crime to us, as we read the novel, now appears to have been a disease, as a young man came to […]