Maharashtra to get a State Health Policy soon?

Dr Pravin Shingare, Director of Medical Education, Government of Maharashtra hinted at a plan to soon draft and implement a state health policy for Maharashtra which will run parallel to the National Health Policy (NHP)

Maharashtra to get a State Health Policy soon?At the Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) held on Wednesday, August 23 at Hotel Grand Hyatt, Mumbai. Dr Pravin Shingare, Director of Medical Education and Research, Government of Maharashtra, announced that the department is working on the state health policy that will help in formulating specific and need intensive policy for the state. “We are […]

Role of technology in transforming healthcare

Improved recognition of the role by patients and care providers, establishment of security and privacy guidelines, systematic assessment and evaluation of apps and integration in overall patient care will soon be a reality. Underpinning all of this will be evidence of value generated that will demonstrate improved health outcomes

Role of technology in transforming healthcareTechnology has been transforming healthcare in several innovative ways. The relevance of technology and digitisation is imperative as we look at newer ways of healthcare delivery services. Areas like digital documentation (e-insurance), service requests and smart cards for transaction, can be benefitted from digitisation, thus transforming patient experience, a key element in healthcare delivery. However, […]

Digitisation of medical sector is good for our health

A recent survey by Docplexus, India’s largest and fastest growing community of doctors, revealed that 83% of physicians preferred online medical learning as it removes demographic barriers and is convenient

Digitisation of medical sector is good for our healthIn this day and age, there’s hardly an industry left untouched by technology. In the medical sector, technological innovations are facilitating better and faster diagnoses, optimal resource utilisation, reduction in errors and a positive change in the way care is delivered. Healthcare digitisation and advanced medical technologies are making possible a more affordable, data-driven personalised […]