Stress and diabetes can cause early cataracts, warn experts

Increasing cases of diabetes is not a new phenomenon in the country. However, doctors now say that higher stress levels that result in diabetes, can lead to cataract in the 40’s, early age for cataract

Stress and diabetes can cause early cataracts, warn expertsDiabetes is a very common disease in our country. With the growing number of diabetic cases in India, a major cause of concern is the incidence of cataract among diabetic patients. “Diabetes induced cataract is becoming very common. In fact we see such patients almost every day,” said Dr Karobi Lahiri Coutinho, fellow at Sankara […]

‘Easy diet tips to fight type 2 diabetes’

Diet of each person with Type 2 Diabetes is different. Diet plans are based on their BMI, glycemic status and current therapy. Here are few thumb rules which type 2 diabetes patients should follow

‘Easy diet tips to fight type 2 diabetes’  For type 2 diabetic patients, there should be a lower glycaemic index diet with a controlled amount of carbohydrates, good amount of protein and right fat. It’s easier to follow a diet in type 2 diabetes by using plate method. Divide plate into four parts. 1/4th of the plate should be of raw vegetables, 1/4th  plate should […]