Can heart patients run a marathon safely?

An Indian dies of a heart attack every 33 seconds. Surprisingly, in the last few years recreational running is gaining popularity. We are determined to make running more of a lifestyle improvement, in order to benefit not only our physical body but also our heart

Can heart patients run a marathon safely?“As every runner knows, running is about more than just putting one foot in front of the other; it is about our lifestyle and who we are.”- Joan Benoit In 2004, when Mumbai marathon first began, the bookings were open till the day before the event. This year, the spots were filled 6 months in […]

IIT-Roorkee’s ‘Dhadkan’ will help save heart patients

Researchers from IIT-Roorkee have developed a mobile application to save the lives of heart patients by remotely monitoring their health and providing them medical assistance. The app can be downloaded free of cost from Google Play Store. This app will help save thousands of lives as it sends a notification to both, the patient and the doctors about the changes in the patient's data

IIT-Roorkee’s ‘Dhadkan’ will help save heart patientsScientists from IIT-Roorkee have designed a mobile application to help the patients suffering heart ailments. The app named ‘Dhadkan’, has been launched and is available for free on Google Play Store.  Researchers say that the ‘Dhadkan’ app can be used for remotely monitoring and providing medical assistance to the patients suffering from heart disease.  It collects the patient’s data (at […]