‘Breathing through my nose was a distant dream for me, now I am happy’

Khatibai had developed a dentigerous cyst that develops around the crown of an uninterrupted tooth. Such cysts can be easily cured, if treated at early stages. Khatibai’s case became risky as it took her a year to get it treated. Doctors said the size of the cyst, in her case, was unusual. In her case, the cyst had grown so big that it blocked her nasal passage. But after the surgery, she can now breathe through her nose

‘Breathing through my nose was a distant dream for me, now I am happy’“Since the last one year, I was not able to breathe using my nose; I used to breathe through my mouth. It used to pain a lot, but finally I am able to breathe freely now. Last year was a painful journey for me, but now I am happy,” said Khatibai a tribal woman from […]

Nandurbar woman breathes freely after a year

The 22-year-old from a tribal village had to breathe through her mouth due to a huge cyst that blocked her nasal passage. She finally had it removed at Sassoon Hospital, Pune, on Thursday

Nandurbar woman breathes freely after a yearA woman from a tribal area in Nandurbar, Maharashtra, will now breathe freely through her nose after nearly a year. The reason: a huge cyst had developed around Khatibai Thakare’s nose, blocking her nasal passage and forcing her to breathe from her mouth. She finally had the cyst removed on Thursday at Sassoon Hospital, Pune. […]