Pune: Sassoon Hospital to soon start cochlear implant surgery

Deaf and mute children can now get treated at Sassoon General Hospital in Pune. The hospital has started cochlear implant surgery. Cochlear implant surgery is more useful in congenitally deaf and mute children and those not benefitting from hearing aid

Pune: Sassoon Hospital to soon start cochlear implant surgerySassoon General Hospital will soon be starting cochlear implant surgeries under the Central Government Assistance to Disabled Persons for Purchase/Fitting of Aids/Appliances (ADIP) scheme. The surgeries will be performed with the guidance of Padma Shri Dr Milind Kirtane, an Indian surgeon of international repute and a pioneer of cochlear implant surgery in India and Dr […]

Infant with a congenital defect in dire need of funds for cochlear implant

He is just eight months old, yet he is unable to hear his name being called out by his parents or relatives. He was born to his parents after many years of them trying to conceive a child. But his parents were shattered when they realised that their own child can’t hear them

Infant with a congenital defect in dire need of funds for cochlear implantSuyash Bedekar, an eight-month-old is suffering from bilateral profound Sensorineural hearing loss (SNHL). It is a kind of hearing loss due to the damage in the inner ear or the nerve from the ear to the brain. He urgently needs to undergo a cochlear implant. He is currently undergoing treatment at Mumbai’s civic-run KEM Hospital […]

Recent advancements in cochlear implants

Dr Dillon D’souza, a Consultant ENT and Head and Neck surgeon attached to Jaslok hospital, Breach Candy Hospital and Desa’s Hospital, shares how the cochlear implants work and what recent technical advancements it has made in the recent times

Recent advancements in cochlear implantsWhat is a cochlear implant? A cochlear implant is an electronic device that takes over the work of the human ear and converts sounds to electrical signals that the brain understands as sounds. It delivers them to the brain via hearing nerve after fine-tuning the sound much like a graphic equaliser on a music system, […]

Buldhana’s ‘blue-eyed boy’ diagnosed with rare genetic disorder

Suyesh Khotale has Waardenburg Syndrome, which has led to hearing loss. He has been fitted with cochlear implant and will be able to hear soon

Buldhana’s ‘blue-eyed boy’ diagnosed with rare genetic disorderBubbly little Suyesh is literally the blue-eyed boy of the Khotale family. Little did the four-year-old’s parents know that the bright blue colour of their son’s eyes is due to a rare genetic disorder, which has also led to hearing loss. Suyesh, the first born child of Gokula and Mahadev of Buldhana district in Maharashtra, […]