Is your child having a worm infection? Here’s what to do

Globally, India bears the highest burden of soil-transmitted helminths (STH), parasitic worms which live in the intestine. These worms consume nutrients which are meant for the human body

Is your child having a worm infection? Here’s what to doWorm infections are rampant among children and they have been adversely affecting their physical as well as mental growth. Worms are a common cause of anaemia and they may also cause intestinal obstruction. The World Health Organization (WHO) has highlighted the intensity of the threat caused by worm infections in India. In India 22 crore […]

‘Early diagnosis and treatment can prevent childhood blindness,’ says Dr Mathur

Experts say that parents should not expose their kids to gadgets from an early age. Parents should regular take their kids for regular eye check-up, maintain a healthy lifestyle and ensure that their kids have a healthy balanced diet

‘Early diagnosis and treatment can prevent childhood blindness,’ says Dr MathurOn the third day of the Bombay Ophthalmologists’’ Association, FOCUS 2017 silver jubilee conference, My Medical Mantra spoke with Dr Satanshu Mathur about the issue of childhood blindness. Dr Mathur who works as a medical director and consultant with the Hi-Tech Eye Institute and Laser Centre, Uttarakhand said, “Generally blindness amongst children begins for an […]

How to break bad news to your kids, paediatricians advise

In the aftermath of a major event, people are focused on the event itself and less on how to talk to kids. News is always available and bombarding us, even on channels we may not expect, such as social media, where children spend their time

How to break bad news to your kids, paediatricians adviseParents wondering how to talk to their children about tragedies such as natural disasters or terrorist attacks have a new resource to help them, published online in the medical journal JAMA Paediatrics. “There have been a lot of changes in how we receive news and the types of news we receive, which has impacted the […]

‘Children ditch pens for the love of gadgets’

In the good old days, children had no internet, Youtube and gadgets like a tablet or smartphone to play with. In the present modern era, children are introduced to gadgets as soon as they are born and a lot of academics happen via. Thus, children develop a longing for electronic media and the love of a chalk, slate and the blackboard has faded away

‘Children ditch pens for the love of gadgets’Good handwriting is a hallmark of good education. When I was in school, we had handwriting periods and teachers would spend hours emphasizing on the finer nuances of good handwriting. We learnt intricate details about good handwriting that range from the curves of the letter ‘y’ and ‘f’ and the need for proper dashes to […]

‘Be your children’s friend to understand them better’

Mental health issues can affect anybody irrespective of their education, class, sex, creed, etc. Suicide is almost always a manifestation of some underlying mental health issue. The increasing number of suicide cases in India has become a matter of concern over past few years, and we need to do something regarding this issue. As the next generation is our future, and without them we are lost

‘Be your children’s friend to understand them better’My dear friends, recently a series of unfortunate events have occured. In the last, 15 days, two innocent youngsters had taken a drastic step of ending their lives. One boy was the child of a couple, who work as bureaucrats. The other boy allegedly lost his life to a horrific online game called ‘Blue Whale’. […]

TV crime shows and their effects on the minds of children

Increasing addiction to crime shows on TV unleashes a plethora of negative effects on the children, and experts say this is a dangerous trend. Parents and caregivers have to be vigilant about what the kids are viewing on TV and online. The distinction between children friendly shows and other virtual content is a decision for parents to make

TV crime shows and their effects on the minds of childrenKunal Singh (name changed) was a cheerful, talkative boy who would be actively involved in his day to day activities at home and school. Six months ago, he started having sleep issues which were a result of frequent panic attacks during the night. For a nine-year-old, having frequent anxiety attacks is a rare phenomenon. Hence, […]

Let’s take up the challenge of killing ‘Blue Whale’

The biggest concern right now is about the game's accessibility across the Internet. Parents should talk to their children and create awareness about malicious content online. Teachers and counsellors in schools and colleges must give children time when they approach them wanting to speak to them about any problem

Let’s take up the challenge of killing ‘Blue Whale’Last week a 14-year-old boy committed suicide by jumping off the sixth floor terrace of his building in Andheri, Mumbai. Police investigations are probing the role of an internet game as the driving force behind his death. The game is named Blue Whale. Why is the name Blue Whale associated with such a game – […]

‘A full proof meal plan to combat childhood obesity’

Childhood obesity is a serious medical condition that affects children and adolescents. Children who are obese are above the normal weight for their age and height. Given below are healthy eating habits that you can include in your day to day life

‘A full proof meal plan to combat childhood obesity’While passing by a school or a college, as an observer, I found that six out of ten young children and adolescents are obese. Even those who do not look obese or rather thin also carry high body fat – the unhealthiest tissue of the body; additionally very less muscle mass- the healthiest tissue of […]

Experiencing regret improves children’s decision-making, says study

A study found that by the age of six, only some children are able to experience regret, but those who do learn to make better decisions

Experiencing regret improves children’s decision-making, says studyAccording to research from Queen’s University, Belfast, the answer is yes, in the case of children at least. A study has found regret plays a “crucial role in helping children to make better decisions”. The research involved 326 Northern Ireland schoolchildren. This study is entitled: Do children who experience regret make better decisions? A developmental […]