C.H.A.T: Children Have Arthritis Too

If your child has been diagnosed with arthritis, you probably have a lot of questions.There are a number of practical and emotional challenges involved in parenting a child with any form of arthritis. Dr Raju Khubchandani, Director of Pediatrics and in-charge Ped Rheumatology Clinic, Jaslok Hospital and Research Center addresses some of your queries…

C.H.A.T: Children Have Arthritis TooWhat is arthritis and what are its symptoms in children? The term arthritis simply means inflammation (swelling, warmth, redness, pain at rest or motion of a joint). With the child’s age, the symptoms of arthritis vary. Since, a child learns to express and localise his pain only at the age of four, new-borns with arthritis […]

Risk factors for bipolar in children

Stress can play a role in the development of bipolar in children. More precisely, how a child responds to elevated stress has been suggested as a contributor to the development of bipolar disorder

Risk factors for bipolar in childrenBipolar disorder is a mental illness characterized by extreme swings in mood and thought. A person with bipolar disorder swings between periods of mania or less severe hypomania and depression. The onset of bipolar disorder typically occurs during young adulthood, but teens and children can also be diagnosed. Similarly to many mental health disorders, there are a number of […]

Soon: Maha to launch a helpline to take action against tobacco dealers near school

The Home Minister of Maharashtra, Dr Ranjit Patil said that despite the prohibition of selling tobacco products within a radius of 100 yards from the school premises, tobacco products are being openly sold. Strict measures need to be taken to stop the sale of tobacco products in the village, locality and the cities. Also, a helpline will be started where anyone can call and report the unauthorised sale and consumption of tobacco in a restricted place

Soon: Maha to launch a helpline to take action against tobacco dealers near schoolThe Home Minister of Maharashtra, Dr Ranjit Patil has said, there are many laws present in Maharashtra to prevent the consumption of tobacco by children, especially the presence of COTPA (Cigarettes and other Tobacco Products Act. 2003) and Juvenile Justice Act. The COTPA and JJ Act will be implemented strictly by the police to ensure […]

Why kids shouldn’t sit still in class

A 2013 report from the Institute of Medicine concluded that children who are more active “show greater attention, have faster cognitive processing speed and perform better on standardized academic tests than children who are less active”

Why kids shouldn’t sit still in classSit still. It’s the mantra of every classroom. But that is changing as evidence builds that taking brief activity breaks during the day helps children learn and be more attentive in class, and a growing number of programs designed to promote movement are being adopted in schools. “We need to recognize that children are movement-based,” […]

The truth behind childhood trauma and how it affects the brain

Previous research has pointed out those individuals who experienced neglect and abuse as children have decreased volumes of white matter in various areas of the brain. The volume and structure of white matter correlate with an individual's capacity for learning, and this component of the brain keeps on developing throughout early adulthood - unlike grey matter

The truth behind childhood trauma and how it affects the brainIt is not news that people abused as children are more exposed to clinical depression, anxiety, and a higher risk of death from suicide. But now, researchers have begun to reveal what happens in the brain following this kind of trauma. According to data provided by the Children’s Bureau of the United States Department of […]

Don’t neglect your first born, warn experts

Parents love their children equally. But do the parents take care of all children equally? But, if the first child is neglected due to the second one, it can affect him

Don’t neglect your first born, warn expertsThis issue was highlighted after a 25-year-old girl, who was in Mumbai for her education. Mithila D’Souza (25) (name changed) was brought up in Singapore. She had to shoulder her younger sisters’ responsibility since the age of 9. As her parents were busy, Mithila had to play the role of their mother. The tender age at […]

Is your child receiving 100% nutrition to build stronger Immunity?

For generations now, mothers have been chasing their children to eat whole meal. Most mothers with kids between 4 to 12 years of age keep laying impetus on nutritious food. They are under constant pressure to ensure that their children develop healthy eating habits in order to build an immune system. Now, it’s for you to decide how will you protect you children and provide them with 100 per cent nutrition and build stronger immunity

Is your child receiving 100% nutrition to build stronger Immunity?In today’s time, there are challenges in building a healthy immune system in growing children. This has also been due to environmental factors, intake of junk food, kids not venturing outdoors as much as they used to earlier.  It is not only the food intake that affects the overall health of an individual but a […]

27 per cent of BMC school children addicted to smoking, reveals survey

The ugly leitmotif of adolescent smoking addiction has come into light. According to a survey, a large number of children from Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) are into smoking. The survey was conducted by students from class five to ninth

27 per cent of BMC school children addicted to smoking, reveals surveyThe doctors of Prince Aly Khan Hospital, Mazgaon, Mumbai, conducted survey in 30 schools BMC schools. The doctor was surprised, as the survey that, so far, 27 per cent of children were into smoking. Tobacco products have been implicated as the main causes of oral cancer. Still, students get into smoking right from their schooling […]

Not homemade remedies, proper medication’s the only way to beat head lice

Misunderstood as the disease of unclean, head lice is a form of infection and it has to be treated like that. Doctors say that the problem is encountered in crowded places and where there is a large amount of cohabitation and body contact. e.g. hostels, schools, camps

Not homemade remedies, proper medication’s the only way to beat head liceA child, who constantly scratches his /her head, becomes a social embarrassment for the parents. This situation puts parents in a difficult situation in public places. The infestation of head lice causes the major itching in the head. Though this problem is commonly observed in the school going children, adults are also not protected from […]

New study suggests, vitamin D might prevent type 1 diabetes

Previous research has indicated that low levels of vitamin D may raise the risk of type 1 diabetes. In response to such studies, scientists have been investigating whether or not higher levels of the vitamin could have a preventive effect against type 1 diabetes

New study suggests, vitamin D might prevent type 1 diabetes  Researchers found that children with low blood levels of vitamin D were more likely to experience islet autoimmunity, compared with those who had higher levels of the vitamin. Islet autoimmunity is a process wherein the immune system mistakenly attacks the insulin-producing cells of the pancreas, causing type 1 diabetes. Lead study author Jill Norris, […]
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