Can breastfeeding provide 100% contraception?

Breastfeeding does acts as a method of birth control. This is due to the LAM idea meaning Lactational Amenorrhea Method (LAM). While ‘lactational’ refers to breastfeeding, ‘amenorrhea’ means not being able to menstruate. This means that when you feed your baby breast milk, you do not ovulate, and when you do not ovulate, you don’t have chances to get pregnant

Can breastfeeding provide 100% contraception?There is no doubt that breastfeeding is the best source of nutrition for a newborn. Infection rates are lower as mother’s milk is rich in antibodies. Importantly, breastfeeding enhances the bond between mother and the child. We are also aware that breastfeeding is equally beneficial to the mother as it decreases the chances of post-partum […]

Older mothers giving birth on due date can reduce stillbirth risk

Currently around 26 babies in 10,000 born to older women will die from stillbirth or within the first seven days of life. But research by the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine and Cambridge University suggests that could be reduced to just 8 deaths in 10,000, a 66 per cent reduction in mortality if women were induced at 40 weeks

Older mothers giving birth on due date can reduce stillbirth riskCurrently, women who are overdue but well are often given a couple of extra weeks to see if labour will happen spontaneously before doctors intervene. New research suggests bringing forward induction to 40 weeks’ gestation may be a safer option for mothers and babies. The study, in PLOS Medicine, included first-time mothers aged 35 and […]

Childbirth goes the designer way in Pune

From arranging a dinner date on the day the pregnancy is confirmed to celebrating baby showers at hospitals, maternity centres in the city are going beyond the clinical route to offer personalised experience to parents-to-be

Childbirth goes the designer way in PuneChildbirth is a celebratory occasion for every family. There was a time when parents-to-be would choose hospitals to deliver their babies based on the reputation of doctors. Now is the age when they look for facilities to enhance the unique experience of childbirth. Parents-to-be in Pune are increasingly opting for boutique birthing centers, with premium […]

Teen mother at a higher risk of heart disease, suggests new study

Women who participated in the study came from five very different study sites. Researchers observed a relatively consistent association in which early childbearing was associated with greater cardiovascular disease risk across these study sites, which supports the validity of the results 

Teen mother at a higher risk of heart disease, suggests new studyThe new study was led by Catherine Pirkle, Ph.D., an assistant professor in the Office of Public Health Studies at the University of Hawaii at Manoa in Honolulu. The first author of the paper is Nicole Rosendaal. Prof. Pirkle and her team examined the data available on 1,047 women from the 2012 International Mobility in […]