Know how menstruation affects your oral hygiene

Menstruation gingivitis is a common oral problem women go through. It occurs due to hormonal fluctuations during the course of menstruation or before. Further gingivitis can also make you fall prey to periodontitis (tooth mobility)

Know how menstruation affects your oral hygieneThe surge in the production of the female hormones estrogen and progesterone that occurs during menstruation increases the blood flow to the gums. In this process the gum tissues become red, soft, swollen and tender, further leading to conditions like bad breath, bleeding gums, bleeding while tooth brushing, gingival pain and discomfort while chewing hard foods. This condition is experienced one […]

Here’s why it is important to eat and not drink your food

Humans develop a set of teeth from an early age, for a good reason. We are supposed to chew and swallow our food. Many robust defences are built into this process. These days millions of people all over the world, consume smoothies for better health. Every year, few of them lose their life in unforeseen circumstances due to toxicity developed in certain juices

Here’s why it is important to eat and not drink your foodRecently, cases of people who died due to consuming bottle gourd (dudhi/lauki) juice have been reported in the country. The juice that they consumed, unfortunately, was bitter due to excess content of cucurbitacin. This is a natural toxin produced by the cucumber family of vegetables. Its bitterness is a warning sign to avoid it. What […]