Mother’s diet can protect newborns against food allergies

The study's findings are consistent with new dietary recommendations for pregnant and nursing mothers. Previous research had not been conclusive, with some studies indicating a protective role for breastmilk, and others suggesting that children could become allergic to foods they encountered through their mother's diet

Mother’s diet can protect newborns against food allergiesResearch published in the Journal of Experimental Medicine today indicates that a mother’s diet can protect nursing newborns against food allergies. Conducted by researchers at Boston Children’s Hospital and Harvard Medical School, the study offers an explanation for how breastfeeding can promote tolerance to the foods that most often cause allergies. The study received support […]

Transgender woman becomes first in the world to breastfeed baby

The transgender woman in the experiment — she, her partner and their hometowns were not identified — approached the medical professionals for hormonal medications in 2011 as part of transgender treatment. She had been receiving it for several years before she began breastfeeding, according to the study. She had not had gender-reassignment surgery nor breast augmentation

Transgender woman becomes first in the world to breastfeed babyWhen a transgender woman told doctors at a hospital in New York that she wanted to breastfeed her pregnant partner’s baby, they put her on a regimen of drugs that included an anti-nausea medication licensed in Britain and Canada but banned in the United States. Within a month, according to the journal Transgender Health, the […]

Unfolding the phobias new mothers face while breastfeeding

There are various factors that cause a mother to be hesitant while beginning the latching process and it is understandable. These fears can make it harder; however, even though breastfeeding is not an easy feat to begin with, fears can be overcomed

Unfolding the phobias new mothers face while breastfeedingWe are all aware that breastfeeding is essential for the benefit of both, mother and the child. Breast milk acts as a source of nutrition for the newborn and is equally advantageous for the mother, as studies show that mothers who breastfeed are less likely to develop postpartum depression or stress. However, this does not […]

Science experiment shows the amazing powers of breast milk

A first-year biosciences student’s experiment shows that breast milk's antimicrobial properties may persist beyond age many end breastfeeding

Science experiment shows the amazing powers of breast milkA viral photo of a science project showcases the healing power of breast milk, and it makes a compelling case for breastfeeding well beyond a baby’s first birthday. Vicky Greene, a first-year biosciences student at South Devon College in the U.K., put breast milk from the mother of a 15-month-old and a 3-year-old in Petri […]

Doctor creates new rendition of ‘Sonu Song’ to spread awareness on breastfeeding

Her song informs us about things such as, when a mother should start breastfeeding, how she holds a baby, what precautions she should take and the characteristics of breast milk. Dr Sarita Bhagwat has been associated with Breast Feeding Promotion Network of India (BPNI) Maharashtra branch, since 15 years

Doctor creates new rendition of ‘Sonu Song’ to spread awareness on breastfeedingAfter Bewafa Sonam became a popular across every section of the Internet, a Sonu with trust issues gained popularity through a Marathi song ‘Sonu tule mahyavar bharosa nay ka’ (Sonu don’t you trust me). When the song became viral on the Internet, everyone came up with their own versions of it. But a lactation consultant is has […]

Soon, a breastfeeding room at KEM Hospital

The announcement was made by the dean of KEM Hospital at an inaugural function of International Breastfeeding Week (Aug 1 to Aug 7) organised by Mumbai Breastfeeding Promotion Committee (MBPC) at the hospital

Soon, a breastfeeding room at KEM HospitalTaking a sensitive step towards lactating mothers King Edward Memorial (KEM) Hospital, in Mumbai will soon be having a separate Hirkani Kaksh (breastfeeding room) in the hospital premises. It would provide a private space to the female hospital staff members and hospital visitors who want to breast feed their babies. The dean of KEM Hospital, […]