Break-up via text: A trend among youngsters

In 2014, when an American site claimed that a growing number of youngsters, between the age group of 18-30 years ended their relationships over a text, it seemed unbelievable. But now, psychiatrists in Mumbai discuss about how a growing number of youngsters are breaking up with a text in order to ‘avoid’ the awkwardness

Break-up via text: A trend among youngstersHeartbreaks are sad, however, they are worse when it is done over a text message or using any form of social media. In last 2014, an American website revealed through its survey that, of 2,712 respondents, it revealed that 56% ended their relationship via text, email or some form of social media. But now, psychiatrists […]

Explained: ‘Broken heart syndrome’ and how to deal with it

In medicine, ‘Broken heart syndrome’ refers to a form of ‘Stress Induced Cardiomyopathy’. However, today the term is used in a more conventional sense; as an indicator of the emotional numbness experienced following a break-up

Explained: ‘Broken heart syndrome’ and how to deal with itA ‘heart break’ is perhaps one of the most universally established terms for conveying distress. Its use can vary from being used as a substitute for a dish gone wrong in the kitchen, by fans to emphasise the frustration when your team loses, by parents to underline the anger of disappointing results and used by […]