Why couples are not having sex? 

Sexless marriages and sexless youths are increasing all around the world. Various studies across the world point out at increase in the sexless marriages owing to a low self-esteem and body shamming or porn addiction

Why couples are not having sex? A lot of people are visiting psychiatrists for a solution to solve their sexless marriages. Surprisingly, this isn’t a very ‘Indian’ problem, but a worldwide phenomenon, according to a study. Payal and Dev Kapoor (names changed) were there for a problem which is less discussed among couples. Both in their early thirties got married about […]

Warning: Weight-based bias can date back to childhood and takes a serious toll

A new study by researchers at Duke University, for example, found that “implicit weight bias” in children ages 9 to 11 was as common as “implicit racial bias” is among adults

Warning: Weight-based bias can date back to childhood and takes a serious tollA very slender friend recently admitted to me that she “can’t stand to be around fat people.” Her reaction is almost visceral, and it prompts her to avoid social and professional contact with people who are seriously overweight. Although she can’t pinpoint the source of her feelings, she said they go back as far as […]

Post bariatric surgeries on rise in Mumbai, say doctors 

Doctors say a lot of people opt for contouring or such procedures that will help them in fixing their saggy skin post bariatric surgeries. Out of everyone who undergoes this surgery, about 2 to 3 per cent will undergo these surgeries. The ones who are opting for it are elderly people, because as one gets older the skin becomes elastic as compared to a younger individual

Post bariatric surgeries on rise in Mumbai, say doctors Bariatric surgeries have become popular in the recent past. Credit it to growing awareness among people or exceeding self-consciousness, there are a lot of people opting for bariatric surgery. Recently, doctors across the city say there is a rising trend among people who come for bariatric surgery to get post-surgery body contouring procedures done for […]

Body shaming can be a health risk for teenagers

Body shaming is one of the biggest problems in today’s young generation and has become a problem for both genders as body image goes deeper than just making somebody feel bad in the moment. It also makes them feel ashamed about their body

Body shaming can be a health risk for teenagersToday’s young generation does not see wrong in expressing their opinion. That is true, but shutting out anyone with a different body type than them is not okay, say doctors. Body shaming is commonly seen in both girls and boys. Girls in their teens want to look thin and boys want to join the gym […]