Suicide awareness: Psychiatric society releases documentary on Blue Whale

The film aims to spread awareness about Blue Whale by portraying the psychology of a depressed teenager’s mind. It shows how vulnerable a person is, as they would kill themselves just to win a game  

Suicide awareness: Psychiatric society releases documentary on Blue WhaleThe world is moving towards a rather competitive phase. Practically everyone we meet today is said to suffer from depression. Several things have been discussed in September over the Blue Whale fiasco. An increase in the non-acceptance of rejection and a rise in the need for instant gratification were identified as key factors which would […]

Killer ‘Blue Whale’ banned in India

As a reaction to the on-going ‘Blue whale’ saga, the government has now sent a letter seeking to remove the game from all major sites to make it inaccessible to the vulnerable and innocent minds

Killer ‘Blue Whale’ banned in IndiaThe government has finally taken a lead in the ‘Blue whale’ saga that seemed like a never-ending episode. Ever since the news of a 14-year-old committing a suicide in Mumbai has come out in the media, the country has been searching about the game and its availability, majorly to feed their curiosity. Reportedly, the boy’s […]

‘Be your children’s friend to understand them better’

Mental health issues can affect anybody irrespective of their education, class, sex, creed, etc. Suicide is almost always a manifestation of some underlying mental health issue. The increasing number of suicide cases in India has become a matter of concern over past few years, and we need to do something regarding this issue. As the next generation is our future, and without them we are lost

‘Be your children’s friend to understand them better’My dear friends, recently a series of unfortunate events have occured. In the last, 15 days, two innocent youngsters had taken a drastic step of ending their lives. One boy was the child of a couple, who work as bureaucrats. The other boy allegedly lost his life to a horrific online game called ‘Blue Whale’. […]

TV crime shows and their effects on the minds of children

Increasing addiction to crime shows on TV unleashes a plethora of negative effects on the children, and experts say this is a dangerous trend. Parents and caregivers have to be vigilant about what the kids are viewing on TV and online. The distinction between children friendly shows and other virtual content is a decision for parents to make

TV crime shows and their effects on the minds of childrenKunal Singh (name changed) was a cheerful, talkative boy who would be actively involved in his day to day activities at home and school. Six months ago, he started having sleep issues which were a result of frequent panic attacks during the night. For a nine-year-old, having frequent anxiety attacks is a rare phenomenon. Hence, […]

Let’s take up the challenge of killing ‘Blue Whale’

The biggest concern right now is about the game's accessibility across the Internet. Parents should talk to their children and create awareness about malicious content online. Teachers and counsellors in schools and colleges must give children time when they approach them wanting to speak to them about any problem

Let’s take up the challenge of killing ‘Blue Whale’Last week a 14-year-old boy committed suicide by jumping off the sixth floor terrace of his building in Andheri, Mumbai. Police investigations are probing the role of an internet game as the driving force behind his death. The game is named Blue Whale. Why is the name Blue Whale associated with such a game – […]

Doctors alarmed over gadget addiction in children, suggest Digital-free hours at home

The recent Blue Whale saga event that occurred in Mumbai has made parents knock the door of various doctors seeking professional help. Psychiatrists say that they are consulting a significant number of children with gadget addiction and it is an alarming situation that needs to be addressed on priority

Doctors alarmed over gadget addiction in children, suggest Digital-free hours at homeGadgets have become a very integral part of our lives these days. Everything that we want is available on the internet and it seems almost inevitable to not be on internet. Given the recent spate of events across the world, it seems everyone is becoming equally vulnerable to a lot of things that remained under […]

Parents beware! Blue Whale game could claim your child’s life

The Blue Whale game is unlike any online game where a participant can win by crossing a level. This is a 50-day game wherein participants are given a challenge for each day and suicide is the price of winning. Once a participant signs up for this game, the curator on the other side warns them that there is no turning back from the game. And at no point can you quit or opt out of the game

Parents beware! Blue Whale game could claim your child’s lifeGames generally are supposed to be fun and engaging for everyone who is part of it. Playing games had always been an activity which brought joy to children. Who knew that games could turn out to be so diabolical and twisted that it could claim a life of an innocent young boy? The suicide of […]