Here’s how our bones heal after a fracture

In most cases, bone makes use of its remarkable ability to regenerate. This means that the new bone that fills the fracture closely resembles the bone before the injury, without a trace of a scar

Here’s how our bones heal after a fractureMany people have experienced or at least seen someone with a fracture at a certain point in time. Broken bones are painful, but the majority heal very well. The secret lies in stem cells and bone’s natural ability to renew itself. We may take our bones for granted or are not aware of its amazing […]

Scientists reveal the real reason behind why people feel ‘hangry’

What makes someone go from simply being hungry to full-on ‘hangry’? More than just a simple drop in blood sugar, this combination of hunger and anger may be a complicated emotional response involving an interplay of biology, personality and environmental cues, according to research published by the American Psychological Association

Scientists reveal the real reason behind why people feel ‘hangry’There’s a difference between being hungry—a feeling we all get between meals – and being ‘hangry’. If you get hangry, you probably already know it: your hunger pangs put you in a very bad mood that you (and your family and friends) have a hard time ignoring. But is being hangry a real thing, or […]

Scientist develop skin patch to combat obesity

A research team in Singapore has successfully developed a skin patch made up of hundreds of micro-needles which will help people to lose lots of weight in a short time. The patch targets problem areas such as belly fat and is designed to cut down on adipose tissue formation toning down the stomach

Scientist develop skin patch to combat obesityScientists at Nanyang Technological University, Singapore (NTU Singapore) have created a skin patch that can convert potentially harmful white fat into energy-burning brown fat. In a recent study published in the journal Small Methods, the researchers reveal how the patch reduced fat mass and weight gain over 4 weeks in mice fed a high-fat diet. […]

What makes you, 1 in 7.2 billion, apart from your fingerprints?

The general consensus is fingerprints are accurate tools to identify people, in most cases. But what about other parts of the body? Most of us like to believe in our individuality; surely there’s more to our bodies that make us one in 7.2 billion. Well, here are five things that are (most likely) especially you that you can be proud of

What makes you, 1 in 7.2 billion, apart from your fingerprints?Anyone who has known biology or has watched crime shows on TV will remember that a criminal is identified by his fingerprints, which are unique markers left by the ridges on everyone’s fingers. These impressions have been used as personal signatures for thousands of years, going as far back as 300 B.C. in China, where […]

Scientists reveal rare yet influential genetic changes related to height

Height is the poster child of complex genetic traits, meaning it is influenced by multiple genetic variants working together. It’s easy to measure, so it makes a relatively simple model for understanding traits produced not by one gene, but by many

Scientists reveal rare yet influential genetic changes related to heightIn the largest, deepest search to date, the international Genetic Investigation of Anthropometric Traits (GIANT) Consortium has uncovered 83 new DNA changes that affect human height. These changes are uncommon, but they have potent effects, with some of them adjusting height by more than 2 cm, or almost 8/10 of an inch. The 700,000-plus-person study […]

Here is a women-only guide to running

A look at some of the biological differences that can work for and against female runners

Here is a women-only guide to runningWomen really do run the world. For nearly a decade, more women runners have been crossing the finish line than men. Globally, female race participation is up 25 percent, compared to 7 percent for men. That’s a lot of girl power, which is why we’ve created this women-only guide to running. Here you’ll find advice […]