Garlic can help enhance memory and have other health benefits on your body

There is a new reason for you to love adding garlic to your diet. Researchers have found that eating garlic regularly could help reduce the effects of memory problems, like Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease

Garlic can help enhance memory and have other health benefits on your bodyThe study, presented at the 2019 Experimental Biology meeting, shows that a compound present in garlic provides health benefits to the brain as well as the gut. Allyl sulfide, an allicin-derived organosulfur compound, was found effective in improving long- and short-term memory and in reducing intestinal inflammation, mindbodygreen reported on Monday, April 08. The findings […]

7 health benefits of garlic

The body-strengthening effects of garlic are thought to be due to its active ingredient allicin. This is what gives garlic its distinctive taste and smell. Whether you take your garlic powdered, salted, or minced or in supplement form, you can reap the surprising benefits of this multipurpose herb for optimal health

7 health benefits of garlicGarlic does more than just invigorate your palate and ward off vampires; it’s also a smelly super food health aid. The spice is a highly nutritious vegetable with very few calories, containing trace amounts of other nutrients that contribute to its universal status of a powerful, beneficial healer. The natural medicinal ingredient, both as a […]