Sister builds makeshift cycle to help wheelchair-bound brother go to school

One of the relationships in our life which matter the most to us are the ones that we share with our siblings. A sister’s love knows no bounds, and one sister in Baramati has invented a unique wheelchair-cycle to ensure that her brother never missed school

Sister builds makeshift cycle to help wheelchair-bound brother go to schoolYou must be familiar with the Bollywood blockbuster ‘Three Idiots,’ in the film Aamir Khan’s character had started a school in Ladakh for children. At this school, children were encouraged to create their own technological innovations for the betterment of others. Today, we bring to you, a story of a teenage girl who wanted to […]

‘Eat as per your requirement,’ Aamir Khan advice to fight against obesity

Childhood obesity is a rising problem in the state. In order to curb this epidemic and prevent childhood obesity. To address this problem, the government of Maharashtra and Dr Sanjay Borude launched a website which will help provide free consultations for children suffering from obesity. Aamir Khan was the chief of this function. At the event, he shared how the importance of maintaining a healthy diet

‘Eat as per your requirement,’ Aamir Khan advice to fight against obesity“If you want to solve the problem of obesity, eat as per your requirement. You are what you eat. Our health depends on what we eat and the nutrition that we get. It is important to eat fresh and healthy food and avoiding overeating. I realised this after along time, that is why I now […]

Period awareness: Twinkle Khanna, Aamir Khan accept #PadManChallenge

Akshay Kumar, Sonam Kapoor and Radhika Apte are all set to hit the big screen with yet another much-awaited film ‘PadmMan’. The film is produced by Twinkle Khanna and directed by R Balki. It is inspired by the life of Arunachalam Muruganantham, a social activist from Tamil Nadu who revolutionised the concept of menstrual hygiene in rural India by creating a low-cost sanitary napkins machine and invented low-cost sanitary pads. On Friday morning, A Muruganantham started a Twitter challenge which has hit twitter like a storm

Period awareness: Twinkle Khanna, Aamir Khan accept #PadManChallengeThe interesting plot of the film ‘PadMan’ is about breaking the taboos related to menstrual hygiene. Having said that, the film’s producer, @mrsfunnybones aka Twinkle Khanna was challenged by A Muruganantham to post a picture of holding a pad just like he himself has. “#PadManChallenge Yes that’s a Pad in my hand & there’s nothing […]

Aamir Khan diagnosed with swine flu

Swine flu cases are rising in the state. Now, Superstar Aamir Khan and his director wife, Kiran Rao are down with swine flu

Aamir Khan diagnosed with swine fluAamir Khan was schedule to appear at Satyamev Jayate Water Cup awards, but he could not attend it as he is contracted with swine flu. He informed this through a video conference at Pune on Sunday. Seated beside his wife, Kiran Rao; Aamir Khan, said through the video conference, “We are very sad to inform […]