Suspect in doctor’s assault case commits suicide inside police station in Dhule

According to police, relatives have refused to accept suspect Pradeep’s dead body. Relatives demand they will take the body only after an FIR is registered against the doctors.

In a dramatic twist to the Dhule doctor assault case, suspect arrested in the case allegedly committed suicide by hanging himself inside a local police station. The suspect identified as Pradeep Vetal, was taken into custody, after a resident doctor from Dhule civil hospital Dr Rohan Mhamunkar was allegedly mercilessly beaten up by Vetal and a few relatives of his friend who had died in the hospital following an accident.

Once again, doctor brutally attacked by angry relatives. Doctors across the state agitated
Resident doctor from Dhule civil hospital Dr Rohan Mhamunkar who was allegedly mercilessly beaten up

As per police, Pradeep Vetal reportedly committed suicide on Tuesday afternoon inside the police station lock up. SPS Chaitanya, Superintendent of Police, Dhule said, “We have sent the body for post-mortem. Further investigations have been handed over to CID. More details cannot be divulged at this juncture because the investigations are ongoing.”

According to the police, Pradeep, a resident of Pune had come to Dhule with his mother to meet his family. On Sunday night, Pradeep was riding pillion with his friend, Shatru Shivaji Lashkar, when their bike met with an accident. Pradeep rushed Lashkar to the Dhule civil hospital where he died during treatment. Following Lashkar’s death, Pradeep and a few of Lashkar’s relatives allegedly beat up Dr Mhamunkar.

The doctor sustained severe injuries on his eye and other parts of his body. Following this, a case was registered and police arrested Pradeep and 8 others on Monday. After the arrest, Pradeep was kept in the lock-up, where he reportedly committed suicide by hanging himself.

Angry relatives refused to accept Pradeep’s dead body and demanded that an FIR be registered against the doctors. Meanwhile, the situation in Dhule remained tense throughout Tuesday.

Reacting to the incident, senior doctors opined that doctor-patient relation is very delicate and should be handled sensitively. “Doctors should keep in mind that while talking to relatives and patients they have to be extremely careful. Patient’s relatives are stressed out, and a single word from doctor’s mouth can aggravate the situation,” said a senior doctor.

  • sanjay kumar

    Though patient – doctor relationship is very important, it is a two way processes, the patient relatives should also have patience. and understand that serious patients may die despite best treatment. kings die. richest of politicians die. they cannot purchase life for money. Patients or their relatives should understand that referral to higher centre is essential when adequate facilities are not available at a particular medical centre . senior doctors should understand that that doctors are also human beings. they are not machines. they toil worse than labourers, only to be beaten. shame on you senior doctors.
    Patient or their relatives should go and beat the politicians and beauracrats because of whom the govt hospitals are ill equipped and understaffed. not the resident doctors who have absolutely no role to play in hospital admin affairs.

  • Reni Wilson kusumagkari

    Very sad incident. I feel there must be no violence against doctors