Surat: Brain-dead youth gives new lease of life to four

The family of a 18-year-old boy consented to donate his organs after he was declared brain-dead on September 12, this act of generosity helped give a new lease of life to four patients who were on the waitlist for an organ transplant


A cadaver donation took place at Surat’s Sunshine Global Hospital, on Wednesday, September 12. Mihir Patel, an 18-year-old youth was declared brain after being admitted in the hospital for two days.

After appearing for his exams on Monday, September 10 he met with a road accident on his way home. His bike collided with another vehicle which caused him severe head injuries.

The aggrieved relatives of the patient were counselled by Donate Life; an NGO based in Surat and were made aware of the concept of organ donation. Even as they mourned his death, they took a noble decision to donate his organs. Their decision has helped save six lives.


While speaking to My Medical Mantra, Nilesh Mandlewala, the Founder and President of Donate Life, said, “After his family gave their consent for organ donation, his kidneys, heart, liver and eyes were donated. A special green corridor was created so that his heart could be transported from the hospital to the airport.”

He added, “The heart travelled 1,158 km from Surat to Delhi Airport and the distance was covered in 177 minutes as it was taken in a passenger aircraft. The heart was retrieved at 7:30 am on September 12 and it reached Surat airport at 7:37 am, the plane took off with the heart at 8:05 am and reached Delhi airport by 9:56 am, it left the airport at 10:01 and was on its way to Delhi’s AIIMS hospital, the heart reached the operation theatre at 10:20 am.”

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Mandlewala said, “The heart was successfully transplanted to a 32-year-old man from Noida.  One kidney was sent to Ahmedabad’s IKDRC Hospital, where a kidney transplant surgery was carried out on a 32-year-old person. The recipient off the other kidney was a 12-year-old boy. While the recipient of the liver, was a 50-year-old woman from Surat. The eyes were sent to an eye bank.”


He concluded saying, “The family told me that even though their son is no more his death will give the gift of life to other people who were in need of an organ. That is why we decided to donate his organs. Five lakh people die each year while waiting for an organ transplant. To prevent this people should come ahead and donate organs.”