Superfast Express halts its journey, to save a two-year-old on-board

Railway authorities swung into action to save the life of a two-year-old Rudra who was having a severe fever on board Jaipur-Hyderabad superfast express. Generally, the superfast express does not get a halt on minor stations, but the railway took a decision to halt the train at Lasur station to help provide emergency medical aid to this two-year-old toddler

When a Jaipur-Hyderabad superfast express halted, to save a two-year-old

It was a regular Wednesday evening for the passengers of Jaipur-Hyderabad superfast express and the railway staff manning the control room between Nanded and Aurangabad divisions.

But, suddenly a phone call received by the Nanded railway division office, changed the relaxed atmosphere altogether.

Two-year-old Rudra Sharma was traveling with his family on-board. Rudra, who was sometime earlier playing happily with his family, had got a high fever. Rudra was uncomfortable and due to fever, he started shivering.

The routine trip on for those on board had turned into a medical emergency. The situation was tense; anticipating that the situation would get worse, the ticket examiner on board alerted the Nanded railway division about the emergency.

The railway authorities decided to halt the train at Lasur station, so that emergency medical care could be provided to Rudra.

Speaking to My Medical Mantra, President of the Railway Pravasi Sena said, “I had received a call from Police Officer Dilip Kamble explaining the boy’s situation. Upon receiving the call we immediately contacted Dr Tushar Vispute, who hails from Lasur and requested him to attend the medical emergency. I thank the railway authorities, for their immediate intervention.”

Dr Tushar Vispute, who practices in Lasur, while speaking to My Medical Mantra, said, “When I examined Rudra, he was semi-conscious. His fever was around 102 degree Fahrenheit, and he was having seizures due to high fever. First, we did cool sponging for few minutes, and after a while, Rudra gained conscious. His condition slowly became stable. I gave few medicines to his family to give to the child and asked them to visit a doctor upon reaching Hyderabad.”