Russian woman who grew beard after son’s birth, finally able to lead normal life successful treatment

What if you had a condition which slowly isolated you from everyone that you loved? It would make your life so difficult that you couldn’t live without a mask to hide your face, making your self-esteem crash. This is what happened to a mother in Russia and it is the story of how she got help and redemption to overcome a rare condition called ‘hirsutism’

Image courtesy: @east2west news
Image courtesy: @east2west news

A mother who grew a beard after giving birth and refused to let her husband kiss her finally ditches the surgical mask she wore at all times, after treatment eliminated her stubble.

She is finally able to go outside without a mask for the first time in years after successful treatment for hirsutism.

Svetlana Savchenkova, a 33-year-old woman, bravely went on a TV medical show in Russia. ‘I’m Ashamed of my Body’ TV show helped her and she said she’s now happy that she can finally be herself.

She received laser therapy, polycystic ovary syndrome treatment and steroids.

Svetlana Savchenkova, 33, went on a TV medical show in Russia, confessing that her hairy face and chest was causing problems in her marriage, and how she feared her husband would leave her because it was ‘disgusting’ to kiss her.

She opened up on her problem to millions of viewers and said that the growth of a beard, due to a hormonal condition, had turned her into a recluse.

She spoke about how she stopped her seven-year-old son from touching her bearded face, always wearing a medical mask even at home.

After her own doctors failed over many years to help her, Svetlana’s husband persuaded her to appeal to a TV show called ‘I’m Ashamed of my Body’ on U Channel as a final bid to get rid of masculine-type hair which was making her life a misery.

While the condition existed even before the birth of her seven-year-old child, it seriously worsened after her pregnancy, she said.

She began hiding her face 12 years ago, around the time she wed, she said.

Before undergoing tests and therapy arranged by the TV show, she said tearfully, “I can’t work or communicate with people normally, even my child.”

“I don’t allow him to touch my face. Obviously, relations with my husband got much worse. He doesn’t kiss me now because it is disgusting. Every year it is getting worse. I am afraid that our family will fall apart,” said Svetlana while speaking on the TV show.

A barrage of treatment, some of it physically painful, in previous years had left no impact on her facial hair, she said.

The condition only worsened, and her doctors had told her, “You will have to live with it.”

Her husband, who was not named in the show, pushed her to open up on TV about her problem, and follow the treatment offered by its medics, seen as among the best doctors in Russia.

On the show, Svetlana, from Volgograd, was put under the care of a multi-disciplinary medical team.

Over a year she received laser therapy, treatment for polycystic ovary syndrome, and was put on steroid hormones.

She followed advice on losing more than 30 lbs in weight and staying fit, and the treatment had a dramatic impact.

Over a year she received laser therapy, treatment for polycystic ovary syndrome, and was put on sex steroids. Svetlana, pictured after treatment, now says she is happier than ever Image courtesy: East2West News

With restored confidence after the treatment, Svetlana is now a more relaxed person. She feels more at ease and is now finally able to live her life.

“I feel so happy now,” she said. “I don’t need to wake up before the rest of my family to shave my face. I’m not afraid of losing my husband anymore because of my hairy face. I walk outdoors with my chin up after a dozen years of hiding my face.”

“I’m finally happy and my son feels it – we hug each other finally and he can touch my face,” she added.

Gynaecologist Tatyana Rumyantseva who led the medical team treating her said, “I’m so glad to see you without a mask. We have achieved the result that you – and we – wanted to see. But it was not easy for you.”

She admitted Svetlana had been through ‘scary’ times before getting the right medical treatment.

Hirsutism causes unwanted male-pattern hair growth in women. It stems from excess male hormones from an underlying endocrine imbalance.

Speaking about this rare condition, Dr Shilpa Naik, a gynaecologist from Sassoon General Hospital, Pune, said, “Hirsutism is the abnormal growth of hair on the women’s body, they develop hair on the face and chest similar to men, there is also excessive hair growth on the hands and legs. It is caused by the excessive production of androgen which is a male hormone.”

She added, “This problem starts in adolescence when the girl is maturing. In the womb, when there is a female foetus and certain medications are given, then they can be more production of androgen. Or if they are androgen producing ovarian tumours, then this issue can present itself.”

Dr Naik informed, “They are many times of treatments to deal with this problem. First, the hair on the body is removed and to prevent its regrowth, medicines are given to counter the male hormones. PCOD can also present itself along with this condition.”

Source: Daily Mail