Stress and diabetes can cause early cataracts, warn experts

Increasing cases of diabetes is not a new phenomenon in the country. However, doctors now say that higher stress levels that result in diabetes, can lead to cataract in the 40’s, early age for cataract

Stress and diabetes can cause early cataracts, warn experts

Diabetes is a very common disease in our country. With the growing number of diabetic cases in India, a major cause of concern is the incidence of cataract among diabetic patients.

Dr Karobi Lahiri Coutinho
Dr Karobi Lahiri Coutinho

Diabetes induced cataract is becoming very common. In fact we see such patients almost every day,” said Dr Karobi Lahiri Coutinho, fellow at Sankara Nethralaya, Chennai and consultant vitreoretinal surgeon and paediatric ophthalmologist at Bombay Hospital Institute of Medical Sciences.

However, a worrisome concern is diabetes induced cataract in the younger generation.

Let’s take the case of Pramod Rathore (name changed). He came to a doctor’s clinic in Dadar complaining of eye swelling almost every week.

After conducting various tests, he was diagnosed with cataract and a retinal defect.

“For anybody in their 40’s, cataract is becoming a common eye condition. Rathore had the same issue. Cataract surgery had to be conducted on him and he is alright now. But there needs to be more awareness on this, so people make lifestyle modifications like including yoga in their day to day life  to deal with stress,” said Dr Nikhil V Nasta, consulting eye and refractive surgeon at I Sight clinic, Dadar.

Dr Nikhil V Nasta

Controlling stress is very important, even for this, say experts. “It is very important to understand that this happens due to increasing stress among people. Higher stress levels mean higher risks of having a cataract at an early age,” said Dr Nasta.