State’s new contraceptive method gets overwhelming response in Mumbai

Few months ago, in order to prevent unwanted pregnancy, the state government provided free 'Contraceptive Injection' (Antara) for women in the government and municipal hospitals. Women have given a good response to this initiative. As, since the month of July to October, 1,986 women in government and municipal hospitals have taken it

‘Antara’ can help you get rid of that unwanted pregnancy

‘Antara’ injection was available earlier in private hospitals. However, women could not afford as it was costly. Owing to which, the state government made it available for women in the municipal and government hospitals. To increase the use contraception and to safeguard the health of the couple, family welfare department has taken initiative to provide this injection. This injection is provided free of cost to all the municipal corporations, suburban hospitals, maternity homes, medical colleges and colleges.

Dr Asha Advani, Head of the Department of Family Welfare Planning said, “Today, there are options available for permanent sterilisation surgery of men and women. As a temporary option, contraceptive pills are consumed.   But now, a new method is being adopted of using contraceptive injections. These injections are to be taken once in three months.”

She added, “To prevent pregnancy, women are now feeling very safe to take injections and are coming forward and taking it. In the first phase of it, from July to September, there were 1,903 women in Mumbai in three months. In the second phase, till now, 83 women have taken this injection according to the figures of municipal hospitals. “

Dr Rahul Mayekar, Gynaecologist, LTMG Sion Hospital said, “To prevent pregnancy, women have to take pills every day. But this injection has to be taken once, every three months. There are hormonal imbalances due to pills. This risk is not there in these injections. Not only this, after a woman delivers a baby, doctors take the permission of the family and give her the injection.”

How to use it:

  • The use of ‘Antara’ injection can be done after the onset of menstrual period or seven days after abortion

  • After delivery, the injection can be taken after six weeks to avoid the pregnancy

  • Every three months women have to take this injection in any municipal and government hospital

  • This service is available in Mumbai, Pune, Raigad, Nandurbar, Ahmednagar, Aurangabad, Kolhapur, Sangli, Ratnagiri and Beed