State hospitals get first painless breast cancer detection machine

Under the state government’s drive to spread awareness about breast cancer, 18 medical colleges have received the first painless breast cancer detection machine, iBreastExam (iBE).

The iBE machine attached to a tablet

This technology helps detect breast cancer at an early stage, is painless and radiation-free . iBE is a game-changing technological breakthrough for rising incidences of breast cancer. This technology is easy to access and light weight. Examination takes about 5 to 10 minutes. The advantage of this machine is that the accuracy to detect clinically relevant breast lump higher than 85%.

Dr Rajashri Katke from Cama Hospital said the iBE is a technology used at the primitive stage to create awareness among women.

“It is very easy to operate. This breast examination machine can be used by any doctor or any health-worker easily. It is hand-held, wireless and is connected to a tablet phone,” said the doctor.


Breast cancer is most common among Indian women today. The young urban girls are more susceptible to it because of genetic problems and cosmetic chemicals. In fact, most cases of breast cancer are detected at a later stage and there is limited or at some places no access to early detection for most women

“Women are very shy and open up only when the lump in the breast is enlarged. They should not be shy and should openly talk about the lump as well as curing the cancer at an earlier stage itself,” says Dr Katke.