Soul Fuel launches sugar-free nutritional supplement

On Friday, March 15, Soul Fuel launched Soul Fuel Plus, which is a first-of-a-kind nutritional supplement which is completely sugar-free. Soul Fuel is a range of nutritional supplements designed by Healthstart Supplements Pvt. Ltd., an initiative by Dr Muffazal Lakdawala’s Digestive Health Institute

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Soul Fuel is formed basis food ideology followed by Dr Muffi. We want every individual to follow a similar ideology – making health his or her priority. Choosing lifestyle modification as the goal of life and improving their quality of life.

What is Soul Fuel about?

Soul Fuel can help you in adapting the ‘healthy living’ ideology and making health as your priority. We understand the nutritional requirements for a healthy lifestyle; our protein supplement fulfils that gap of nutritional value which we fail to fulfil due to our daily stressful lifestyle.

A single scoop can fulfil the daily requirement of your protein intake. SoulFuel is made with care, and our practicing medical experts at Digestive Health Institute conduct regular inspections to maintain its standard quality. Our range comprises of protein and fibre supplements.

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A panel discussion was held at the event about protein and fitness in India. The panellist at the table were Dr Muffazal Lakdawala – Renowned bariatric surgeon, Rupal Faria – Celebrity Yoga instructor, Arjun Tendulkar – Cricketer and sportsperson, Carlyne Remedios – Sports nutritionist, Dr Adnan – Physiotherapist

Speaking at the event, Dr Muffazal Lakdawala, stated, “Soul Fuel Plus is a protein powder which we have come out with which contains 26 grams of protein. It does not have any added or hidden sugar or sugar-free replacements. The only way we’ve neutralised the bitterness of the whey protein is by adding a bit of natural date sugar. It is great, it doesn’t make you feel full. You can continue to have it before your workouts or after your workouts. It is meant for all age groups.”

He added, “It doesn’t leave you with any bloating or any GI symptoms which most other protein powders do. It does not make you put on weight due to the decreased calorie content and extremely low sugar content.”

SoulFuel Plus is a more advanced version of the original SoulFuel protein supplement to help athletes and the health-oriented achieve their fitness goals.

While speaking about how Soul Fuel Plus helps him in his fitness routine, Arjun Tendulkar, Cricketer and son of master blaster Sachin Tendulkar, said, “Soul Fuel has benefitted me in many ways. Because, as you know, we as cricketers have a busy schedule, we travel a lot. At times, we go to remote places in India where the food is vegetarian or the quality of meat is not good. Therefore, Soul Fuel helps me complete my nutrition there. And which allows me to recover well. So I can  perform well for my team over the course of five days.”

SoulFuel has no artificial sweetener, no added sugar, no gluten, no soy and no steroids. It contains natural sugar from date powder. It also contains BCAA (6gms); Leucine (3 mg). It increases stamina and builds muscle by protein-sparing action. The USP of the product is that we use a natural sweetener in the form of date powder as we believe in ‘Say No To Sugar!’