Soon: Sewri TB Hospital to start a library for patients

To help lift the spirits of tuberculosis patients, who have been neglected by their families, the TB hospital at Sewri is set to open a library for these patients. To support this library, you can also donate books to the hospital

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Dr Lalitkumar Anande, Chief Medical Officer at the Sewri’s Tuberculosis Hospital said, “Many a times, TB patients who are sent for treatment over here are abandoned by their relatives, such patients slip into depression. To help engage and divert their minds, books can prove to be a useful tool.”

The hospital has also approached NGO to obtain books from the library, the Indian Institute of Technology Bombay at Powai, has donate a 100 books to the hospital.

Books such as biographies, story books, personality development, business related books, self-help books and books related to history will be made available to the patients. Books in Hindi, Marathi, English and Urdu will be stocked in the library.

Excluding NGO’s and Institutions, a few people have also come ahead to donate books, one among them is Ex-corporator and professor, Avkash Jadhav. Speaking to My Medical Mantra, he said, “When tuberculosis patients are affected by depression, medication can make them feel better, but it cannot heal the scars of their minds. The hospital has taken a positive step to start a library, this will help increase their thinking capacity and instil confidence in them.”

He added, “I have asked a few of my friends to donate books, so far I have received over a 100 books and I will be donating these to the hospital.”

Soon: Sewri TB Hospital to start a library for patients

Apart from this every Saturday, TB patients are entertained by a group of college students. These students have formed a band and perform music and play songs on the guitar.

Soon: Sewri TB Hospital to start a library for patients

The man behind this idea is Rahul Gupta who has been suffering from Multi-Drug Resistant (MDR) tuberculosis from the past four years. He said, “In 2013, I was diagnosed with tuberculosis and was seeking treatment at a private hospital, after 2 years the doctors told me that my TB had turned drug resistant. I wasn’t able to afford private treatment anymore and currently take medications from a DOTS centre in Tardeo.”

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He added, “As I have had a first-hand been through the depression which comes along with prolonged TB, I understand the mental agony patients face. Music can act as a great healer. My friends and I come together every Saturday to entertain them with this small music program of ours.”