Soon, #organdonation pledge to be displayed on driver’s licence

On the occasion of My Medical Mantra’s second Anniversary, families who had donated organs of their loved ones were felicitated by Nitin Gadkari in Nagpur. The union minister praised My Medical Mantra for promoting the #organDonation movement and, also lent his support for the cause

Nitin Gadkari informed about the government’s decision to display organ donor status upon a person’s driving licence, in Nagpur on Saturday, December 8

Now soon, in the near future your driving license will display an individuals pledge to donate his organs. Union Road-Transport and Highways minister Nitin Gadkari informed the governments decision. While lending his support to the #OrganDonation movement, he also said that the government will soon implement this all across the country.

On the occasion of My Medical Mantra’s second anniversary, Nitin Gadkari felicitated Organ donor families at his residence in Nagpur on December 8.

While addressing the organ donor families Union Road-Transport and Highways Nitin Gadkari said, “I congratulate the families those who have taken the decision to donate organs of their loved ones. I want to thank the families for saving a life.”

Santosh Andhale, Senior editor of My Medical Mantra, requested that families of organ donor should get help as soon as possible. At the occasion, Gadkari informed those who are present about the steps that the government is taking in the field of organ donation.

During the program he informed about what different efforts the central government is taking to spread awareness at national level.

“With the help of Tata trust and one company from Germany, we are trying to build a helipad on national highway. People are getting aware about organ donation. Once more people are made aware, we could save many more such lives. That is why this is very important work.”

In order to motivate organ donor families and to benefit more and more people, My Medical Mantra had organised a felicitation program of organ donor families.

Gadkari congratulated My Medical Mantra’s team for the work in the field of organ donation. “You are doing a good work. My wishes are there with you for your work,” he said.

Dr Srirang Bichu, head of nephrology department of Bombay Hospital, said, “The movement on organ donation which My Medical Mantra has started is important one. It will help in creating awareness on organ donation. Felicitation of organ donor families will encourage others.”

Dr Vribhavari Dani, head of ZTCC Nagpur, Dr Ravi Wankhede, organ donation coordinator Veena Vathore, Dr Hemant Bhalerao, Dr Shruti Andhalkar; were also present for the program.

Dr Vibhavari Dani, said, “The total organ donation in India is low and it must increase. Nagpur donation is happening in good numbers in Nagpur. People are getting aware about organ donation in India, but more awareness needs to be created. In the last five years organs of 41 people have been donated in Nagpur.”