College ID cards to soon convey organ donation status

The Directorate of Medical Education and Research (DMER) Maharashtra has put forth a unique and innovative idea, which will help give an impetus to organ donation in the country. If its proposal is accepted student identity cards will have information on organ donor status

  • The Directorate of Medical Education and Research (DMER) have sent a proposal to the technical and higher education ministry which will help boost the cause of organ donation.
  • In its proposal it has stated that identity cards issued to students should be printed with the person’s status on organ donation, and whether the said person has agreed or decline to donate their organs.
  • This should be carried out in all streams of education and college boards.

The intention behind this move is simple; students generally commute to college on buses, trains or bikes. In an event of an accident, if a student is declared brain-dead, the identity cards will help to make the person’s status on organ donation clear. If it is mentioned that the person has agreed to donate their organs, this move can then help save the lives of patient’s in need of organs.

Doctors and counsellors can also speak to parents and relatives regarding their decision.

Speaking to My Medical Mantra about this move, Director of Medical Education and Research, Dr Pravin Shingare said, “Organ donation is the need of the hour. Therefore, medical colleges students and regular college students will have ‘I am an organ donor’ details on it. The state government has already granted permission for this initiative, now it’s only pending approval by the department of higher education. Only after its approval will this be printed on students ID cards.”

On these lines, Union Transport Minister, Nitin Gadkari had earlier signed an agreement for organ donation information to be printed on driver’s licenses.