Soon: Mumbai to get 10 new ‘Bike Ambulances’, informs Dr Deepak Sawant

Ambulance takes a long time to reach the congested areas in Mumbai. Even a thought of our beloved one falling sick and after that a long wait for an ambulance scares us. So set all your worries free as ‘Bike Ambulance’ was started. It is convenient option as the patients would get the necessary treatment on time. The ‘Bike Ambulance’ will have a trained paramedic doctor and well equipped with medical gears. In just a few months, 'Bike Ambulance' has saved lives of 1,302 patients


  • Now, 10 new ‘Bike Ambulances’ will be introduced in Mumbai and 20 new  in the remote areas.
  • In the remote areas, where the ambulance can’t reach, the ‘Bike Ambulance’ will be of a great help. Owing to which, the medical facilities will be provided through 20 ‘Bike Ambulances’ in Palghar, Jawahar, Mokhada, Nandurbar and Melghat areas, informed Dr Deepak Sawant, the state health minister.
  • Emergency can strike anytime as one can suddenly meet with an accident or a heart attack while walking on the road. In such cases, the first one hour for the patient is important. So, you will be surprised to know that a phone number can save your life. Yes, you can call on 108 and the ‘Bike Ambulance’ along with the doctor will be running it, which will help you by providing a necessary treatment.

Till now, the patients have been treated in Sion Kurla Bridge, Cheeta Camp, Malad, Santacruz, Goregaon Chitranagari, Kalina Campus, Bhandup, Nagpada, Kurar, Charkop, Jogeshwari etc.