Soon, Maha to have standard operative procedure to deal with foreign patients

State Health Minister takes the decision after Eman Ahmed’s sister Shaimaa Selim expressed her much-publicised displeasure on the course of treatment given to Eman at Saifee Hospital even though the doctors had successfully operated on her. Eman left India at 170kg

Soon, Maha to have standard operative procedure to deal with foreign patients
Dr Deepak Sawant visited the Saifee Hospital today afternoon (May 4), after there were some technical difficulties in paperwork delying Eman Ahmed’s departure to Abu Dhabi for her further treartment at Burjeel Hospital

Soon, Maharashtra will have standard operative procedures (SOP) to deal with foreign patients coming to the state for medical treatment. This decision was taken after the much publicised displeasure of Eman Ahmed’s sister Shaimaa Selim on the course of treatment given at Saifee Hospital even after the doctors successfully operated on her for weight loss and managed to control her health parameters.

Dr Deepak Sawant, State Health Minister, who was at the hospital to resolve the discharge documentation issue of Eman said, “All well that ends well, but this case has made us realise that we need SOP for foreign patients coming to the state for the medical treatment.”

He said they will form a committee which will look into various aspects related to medical tourism.

“Issues like taking consent of patients, ethics and documentation among others will be streamlined, so that our doctors, who put in so much effort to treat the patient do not fall in trouble,” said Sawant.

Saifee Hospital, where Eman spent 82 days and underwent bariatric surgery for obesity, handed over a 28-page transfer report to Burjeel Hospital authorities and Shaimaa. The Hospital got a copy of it duly signed by them. Eman underwent a bariatric surgery on March 7. She presently weighs 170kg.

The minister had visited Eman at the hospital on April 27 too soon after Shaimaa levied allegations on treating Dr Muffazal Lakdawala and the hospital.

“Eman Ahmed’s case makes us proud of Indian doctors and especially proud for Maharashtra. Statement by relatives criticising Indian doctors is showing ungratefulness towards entire hardworking and dedicated team,” said Dr Sawant.

He said in spite of multiple complications like hypothyroidism; cardiovascular respiratory problems and hypertension, Eman’s weight reduction was commendable.

“We are proud of Dr Lakdawala and the entire team for the success achieved in treatment of Eman Ahmed for obesity. I congratulate the entire Saifee Hospital,” said Dr Sawant.

He said Eman’s case is a stepping stone for medical tourism in India and Maharashtra.

“Indian doctors are giving treatment in abroad as well. They are known for the competence and as a state health minister, I will ensure that they give the best treatment and medical care without fear of allegations from the relatives,” said Dr Sawant.