Soon, ‘Hydroquinone’ based fairness creams to be included in schedule ‘H’ drug

Fairness creams which have ‘Hydroquinone’ soon to be included in the list of schedule ‘H’ drugs. With this, the Over the Counter (OTC) Sale of the creams, which has ‘Hydroquinone,’ will not be sold without the doctor’s prescription

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The union health ministry has proposed to amend the Drug and Cosmetic Act and include ‘Hydroquinone’ based creams in the list.

The skin specialist and dermatologist have lauded the Union Health Ministries proposal to include ‘Hydroquinone’ in the schedule ‘H’ drug. Experts say that there are a lot of fairness crème which are available in the market have ‘Hydroquinone’ as one of the substance.

While speaking to My Medical Mantra, Dr Apratim Goel, Chief Dermatologist to Cutis Skin Studio, Mumbai said, “It’s a welcome proposal from the Union Health Ministry. There are a lot of fairness crèmes which are used in the beauty parlours have ‘Hydroquinone’ in it, as it is easily available in the market. Use of ‘Hydroquinone’ based fairness for a longer duration can also lead to cancer.”

The union government has asked the suggestions and objection from all the stakeholders within 45 days after issued the notification.

Dr Kshama Vibhakar, a dermatologist, attached to SkinnSculpt clinic said, while speaking to My Medical Mantra said, “Hydroquinone drug has a lot of side effects. It is used for glowing the skin, but longer use is harmful. It is likely that the skin will be burnt or white patches likely to be formed on the skin. I welcome the government proposal to include it in the schedule ‘H’ drug.”

Dr Amit Karkhanis, Medical cosmetologist and Director of Dr Tvacha clinic said, “People must use ‘Hydroquinone’ based fairness crème with the proper guidance of the doctor. The proposal is in the best interest of the common people. In a number of other counties, this drug has been banned, and the use is strictly limited for the medical propose.”