Son on way to meet his ailing father, fractures both legs in Mumbai bridge collapse

In an unfortunate scenario a son who was on his way to meet his ailing father, sustained injuries in the bridge collapse which took place outside CST station last evening. The families future seem tense and uncertain as both the father and son are admitted in the hospital. And his mother is distraught due to this cruel twist of fate


On the evening of March 14, Mohammad Atari, a 28-year-old Byculla resident was on his way to meet his father who is admitted to GT Hospital and was to undergo surgery.

He works as a mechanic and had just finished his duty for the day, as he was going to visit his ailing father.

He took the bridge and as he was on it that very moment the bridge collapse. He wasn’t sure and could not recollect what had happened. He narrated his ordeal to My Medical Mantra.

His family is now stuck in an unfortunate situation as Atari has injured both his legs and his father is in the hospital for surgery.

Speaking about what he could remember from that moment, he said, “After finishing my work, I was on my way to see my father who is admitted in GT hospital for treatment. I had just stepped on the bridge and it collapsed. I don’t know what happened after that. I was stuck under a pile of debris. Who rescued me, who brought me to the hospital, I don’t remember anything,”

Mohammad was narrating his story to My Medical Mantra with tears in his eyes. He has suffered a severe fracture on both of his legs. He is unable to move now.

His mother looked tense and upset as her husband and son are now both admitted in the hospital. And their situation appears bleak.

Visibly disturbed, Atari said, “I have fractured both the legs. Now the main question in front of me is how to take care of my father and his operation. He is also admitted in the hospital.”

While speaking to My Medical Mantra, Medical Superintendent of St George hospital, said, “20 patients were brought into the hospital last night. Now there are 11 patients. Most of the patients who are admitted are fracture cases. Many of the patients have suffered fractures to their back, hands and legs. We treated two patients last night.”

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