Sole breadwinner injured in #CSTBridgeCollapse tragedy

Jayesh Adwani is among the many people who were injured last night due to the bridge collapse near CST station. The 31-year-old was walking on the bridge when suddenly a portion came crashing down and he fell with it. He faces a bleak situation as he has an ailing wife and now he himself is admitted in the hospital


Jayesh Adwani, a 31-year-old, Dombivali resident, was admitted to Mumbai’s state-run Gokuldas Tejpal Hospital, last evening and he was brought in with the patients who were injured at the site of the incident.

While sharing his ordeal to My Medical Mantra Jayesh said, “My wife is also ailing and now I am admitted in the hospital with severe injuries. Now the question is who will bear the cost of the treatment, and how will I arrange the funds for the treatment.”

Jayesh has suffered severe spine injuries on March 14, when a part of a foot overbridge near Mumbai’s CSMT station came crashing down. He has also fractured his back and hurt his jaw.


Jayesh who is also suffering from a heart ailment has undergone angioplasty five-and-half months ago. On Thursday, Jayesh had come to meet his brother when the tragedy struck.

Jayesh was one of the passengers who were on the bridge when it collapsed. He was immediately taken to the GT hospital and doctors attended him.

While speaking to My Medical Mantra, Medical Superintendent of St George hospital, said, “20 patients were brought into the hospital last night. Now there are 11 patients. Most of the patients who are admitted are fracture cases. Many of the patients have suffered fractures to their back, hands and legs. We treated two patients last night.”

A central portion of the footover bridge outside Mumbai’s Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Terminus (CSMT) station collapse last evening around 7:35 pm. It is a pedestrian bridge which is used by people each day.

In total, 31 people were injured and 6 people were declared dead in the accident. Three out of the six dead, were nurses who worked at the nearby GT and St. George Hospital.

After the stampede which happened at Elphinstone station, a year ago, this another such incident caused due to faulty public infrastructure.

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