Solapur youths start ‘Roti Bank’ for patients and their relatives

At Solapur civil hospital, youngsters from Solapur began an initiative known as 'Roti Bank', in order to provide food for patients and their relatives coming in for treatment. This initiative has received a great response from the people of Solapur

Solapur youths start 'Roti Bank' for patients and their relatives

A large number of people from rural areas come to seek treatment in Solapur’s civil hospital. And the relatives of these patients stay with them until their treatment is completed.  But due to poor financial conditions, people can’t afford to spend money on food. Due to this reason, a few youngsters have come together and started a’Roti Bank’ for such patients and their relatives so that they can enjoy a meal.

Speaking to My Medical Mantra, Jubair Sayyed, the convener of the ‘Roti Bank’ said, “I had gone to the hospital to visit my friend’s ailing mother. At that time, a lady asked me to give her some money so that she can have food. There are many such people who come to the hospital and they don’t have money to eat. So we have decided to help such people.”

Solapur youths start 'Roti Bank' for patients and their relatives

He added, “Initially, we all spent a part of our salary for this initiative. And we are providing the ‘Roti Bank’ facility to each and every hospital in Solapur. Every day, patients are served a variety of foods like subzi, roti, khichidi and so on.”

Slowly, this initiative is gaining popularity amongst the people of Solapur.  ‘Roti Bank’ has been started from August 07 on a large scale and we are also planning to introduce a coupon system for the people. Many a times, the food served in wedding receptions goes to waste. So we are even ready to take this food to help feed these people. So with regards to this, Sayyed has appealed people to get in contact with him.

Sadanand Shukla, a businessman from Solapur said, “The relatives of the patients who undergo treatment in the civil hospital, have no money to eat food, so they sleep on an empty stomach.  In order to help such people, a few youngsters from Solapur have joined hands and started this initiative which is commendable. Though, these youngsters do not belong to a rich family, they feed the patients relatives every day. And I am also helping these youngsters.”