Solapur NGO on a mission to eliminate female foeticide by empowering women

Ten days ago, My Medical Mantra featured a doctor from Pune who celebrates the birth of every female child in his hospital by distributing sweets and seeing deliveries for free. Now, a non-governmental organisation (NGO), ‘Daughters’ Mom’ in Solapur is on a mission to eliminate female foeticide by empowering women

Mission girl child: Solapur NGO advocates woman empowerment by eliminating female foeticide

While most of us were busy shopping for Navratri, wonder woman Sheetal Dhaireshil Mohite Patil was touring from village to village to spread awareness about female foeticide. While we were picking choicest of clothes to wear, she organised a fashion show for the villagers.

Since day one of Navratri, Patil has covered 70 villages in Malshiras in Solapur district. As we ask her what she means by ‘covered’ she says, “we go to villages and visit each household. We talk to doctors about giving concessions females below the age of 18. Or asking doctors to do free delivery for birth of a girl child. You wouldn’t believe, 11 doctors till now have agreed to give 100 per cent discounts to females. The idea is to spread the message of female empowerment.”

Sheetal Dhaireshil Mohite Patil
Sheetal Dhaireshil Mohite Patil

She goes from village to village, and educates people about female foeticide and women empowerment. “It’s very different to talk to people in villages. As, women in cities are different from the one in villages. Till the Khoja Poornima, I will be covering all the 117 villages in the districts. The women in these villages need to even be told about why visiting a doctor is very important. We conduct free health check-ups also. Women have to be empowered and brought in the forefront.”

The organisation, Daughters’ mom is run purely by women with daughters. Patil’s husband, Dhaireshil has been her biggest support. “Sheetal goes from village to village to spread awareness. She even felicitates every household that has a girl child. Women must be appreciated for all the wonders they do.”

Doctors across the city are very happy with the efforts of Patil. “She has truly changed Malshiras Taluka for baby girls. Now, she is working in Solapur District for encouraging all doctors to join the ‘ Save The Girl Child ‘ Movement. Because of her efforts 497 doctors in the Taluka, have started ‘ Save The Girl Child ‘ programme in their own Hospitals and clinics which means offering free delivery or concession in delivery, if a girl child is born,” said Dr Ganesh Rakh, gynaecologist and founder head of Medicare, Hospital Foundation, Pune.