Smile back on their faces, Uterus transplant patients say we are fine   

After a week of India’s first Uterus transplant, the first two patients who underwent the surgery share that they are having a good recovery and hope to get discharged soon a well manner. On the other hand, the hospital has received as many as 42 registrations for Uterus transplant which included not only Indian women but women around the world

Smile back on their faces, Uterus transplant patients say we are fine

Last week, on May 18, India witnessed its first Uterus transplant surgery on a 21-year-old Solapur woman which gave her a chance to live life like a normal woman. After which on the very next day a 24-year-old Vadodara woman underwent the transplant. At a special media interaction, both the patients expressed that they are doing good recovery and want to get discharged soon.

The Solapur woman, who was the first one to get uterus transplant, said, “I am good. I am talking with my husband over video call daily. I do not have any pain now. I want to get discharged soon.” While the woman from Vadodara, with a big smile on her face, said, “I am absolutely fine. I am taking the normal food. No one had forced me to undergo this surgery. It was my decision and I am recovering quite well.” Both the women were talking with media via video call.

The hospital has received as many as 42 registrations so far from those who are interested in undergoing the surgery. Out of the 42 registrations, there are two women from Ireland and one from the United Kingdom. The doctors said that as the cost of operation is huge in western countries, the patients have shown their interest in coming and operating here in India. There are people who have registered from North Eastern states, Telangana, Chennai and Chandigarh as well. In all the cases, the mothers have given written willingness to donate their uterus.

Meanwhile, there are three unmarried girls, who do not have uterus have also shown the willingness to undergo the surgery. The doctors from the hospital said that they are not considering the unmarried girls yet.

The doctors said that they are going to write to the central health ministry informing about the successful surgery. Dr Shailesh Puntambekar, Director of Galaxy Care Hospital, said, “I had a meeting with state health officials today. They have suggested me to inform about the surgery to central health department. We will write to central government soon. Non-vital organ transplant should become the movement now.”

 Smile back on their faces, Uterus transplant patients say we are fine

Dr Neeta Warty, a Gynecologist from Mumbai, said, “We have performed the biopsy test on both the patients today and the results are normal. Also, the daily Doppler test shows that the blood supply is normal. We are all proud today.”

Dr Puntambekar added, “Now retrospective, I think that performing surgery was an easy task, but ensuring that post-surgery there are no infections and patient’s body does not reject the organ was a tough task. But, now we have crossed both the hurdles. Today the patients are off the tube.”

The first transplant was conducted on 21-year-old woman from Solapur. Among the four siblings she is the only one whose uterus was not present by birth. The hospital conducted another womb transplant on Friday on a 24-year-old woman from Vadodara who suffered from Asherman’s Syndrome (scar tissue in the uterus) and who received her mother’s womb. Surgeons at GCLI will transplant a womb in a third woman, who is suffering from cervical cancer, at a later stage.