Smart midnight snacking options to control hunger

We’ve all heard the warnings: Indulging in a late-night snack is a one-way ticket to weight gain, insomnia and poor eating habits. But if your stomach is grumbling as the clock chimes midnight, eventually you’re going to go with your gut. Here, experts list a few healthier options for you

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When hunger strikes in the middle of the night, your first impulse is likely to grab a midnight snack. But more than any other meal you consume during the day, you need to be extra mindful about the nutritional content of the foods you eat late at night.

According to experts, it’s not great to eat right before bed. But, if one feels hungry they should eat foods which won’t pack on the pounds.

Rutika Murudkar, a clinical nutritionist at Naraindas Morbai Budhrani trust said, “The urge of midnight snacking can arise due to incorrect meal pattern. If the meal gap is more than three hours, then, people tend to snack at midnight. This can also cause acidity. So, follow a good meal pattern and opt for small and frequent meals.”

Murudkar says eat:

  • Fibre-rich foods/ roasted nachni chips/ soy chips
  • Thepla/ Kurmura/ chaas/ lassi / green tea

Ankita Ghag, clinical nutritionist, Co-founder and director, Vacchan Arogya said, “Control the portions while snacking.”

As per Ghag, one should eat:

  • Wheat flakes and milk without sugar/ hard-boiled egg/ fruits/ fistful of dry fruits
  • Yogurt with muesli or fruits/ small bowl of popcorn/ 2 pieces dark chocolate/ 2 dried figs
  • vegetable omelette/ spinach omelette/ avocado/ stir fry veggies with tofu or oatmeal/ protein bar/ hummus with veggies