Sister donates kidney to brother, celebrates Raksha Bandhan in hospital

On Monday, Jaslok Hospital in Mumbai, witnessed an emotional Raksha Bandhan celebration in the hospital ward, after a sister donated kidney to her brother, who was successfully operated last week

Sister donates kidney to brother, celebrates Raksha Bandhan in hospital

Raksha Bandhan signifies love and strengthens the bond between the brother and the sister. On this occasion, brother pledges to protect his sister, through the thick and thin. But 68-year-old Bakulaben Maniar became an inspiration, as she donated her kidne,y by granting a new lease of life to her 67-year-old brother Dhirenbhai Maniar.

Dhirenbhai Maniar, a resident of Rajkot, Gujarat, had severe diabetes, which adversely affected his kidneys. He was on dialysis for a year. His health deteriorated and he contracted severe infections which affected his heart and liver.


Doctors suggested Dhirenbhai to undergo a kidney transplant. And without even giving a second thought, his elder sister Bakulaben Maniar willingly came forward to donate her kidney and give him a new lease of life. This showed the unconventional bonding between the two.

In the past too, Bakulaben offered her kidney to Dhirenbhai, while he was on regular dialysis, by convincing him to opt for a kidney transplant. But Dhirenbhai strongly rejected the idea, as he didn’t want to put his elder sister’s life in danger.

But this day, Bakulaben was in no mood to give up and with an aim to ease Dhirenbhai’s life by donating her kidney. “I want my brother to be hale and hearty. Amongst all our siblings, we have been very close. I had told him earlier that he should undergo kidney transplant surgery but he didn’t listen. But now, he can lead a healthy life.”

Sister donates kidney to brother, celebrates Raksha Bandhan in hospital

Because of Dhirenbhai’s infections, the surgery was a challenging task for the doctors. But at the end, it was successful.  “After the condition, his liver and heart improved, so we decided to do the kidney transplant surgery. He is responding well to the treatment and he is recovering fast. He will be discharged in next few days,” said Rushi Deshpande, Sr. Consultant in Department of Nephrology, Jaslok Hospital & Research Centre.

Dhirenbhai is excited and set to commence a new life, after getting discharged from the hospital. His joyous family is keen to take him home and spend a quality time with him. Dhirenbhai Maniar’s 22-year-old son informed that, “ He started facing health issues from the year 2012. We are very happy as he will be healthier now. Buaji, (Aunty) really cares for him and  she has always supported him.”