Simple ways to save your skin and hair from air pollution

Air pollution takes a toll on the skin and hair. While most people know that outdoor air pollutants can be harmful to health, not everyone realises that even indoor pollutants can cause skin problems. Experts tell you, how to protect your skin and hair from the harmful effects of air pollution


As if the threat that pollution brings to the planet wasn’t bad enough, it also puts your skin and hair’s health in danger said experts. Dr Apratim Goel, Dermatologist and laser surgeon of Cutis Skin Studio, said, “Apart from sun damage,  damage is also done by the tiny air particles. As, they get into skin and harm it. Skin gets exposed to UV damage. It can also cause skin cancer. Talking about hair, it makes the hair brittle and causes hair fall. So, after hair wash, apply serum.”

Dr Goel lists out the skin problems and preventive measures:

Skin problems:

  • Acne, allergies, rashes and wrinkles
  • Decreases moisture and elasticity
  • pigmentation, blemishes and open pores
  • Makes the skin intolerant to makeup and other skin products
  • Hair fall, brittle hair and dandruff


  • Exfoliate and moisturise the skin. To moisturise the skin, apply almond paste along with oat meal
  • Follow a healthy diet, stay hydrated and up your antioxidant intake
  • Apply sunscreen, wear loose clothes and cover your skin
  • Follow a cleansing routine, apply besan with milk or radish juice, depending on your skin type and make sure, you take off your makeup

Dr Amit Karkhanis, Medical cosmetologist and Director of Dr Tvacha clinic said, “Air pollution causes dull, dry skin and eczema. The skin becomes sensitive and the pH level of the skin gets disturbed.”

Dr Karkhanis informs about the hair problems and how to protect them:

Hair problems:

  • Damages the hair as there is a lack of moisture, frizzy hair
  • Dandruff, itchy scalp along with redness and split ends


  • Thoroughly shampoo and condition your hair
  • Cover your hair