‘Even the money that you spend in a restaurant, can save my sister’s life’

The siblings of a 27-year-old woman have taken to crowdfunding to save her life. Both of the woman’s kidneys have failed and a kidney transplant is the only hope for her survival. As the family is currently running low on funds they had no other option but to use the medium of crowdfunding to finance her treatment. They have sent out a humble appeal online asking people to help them in whatever way possible


Two years ago, a kidney of Rohini Zalse-Shinde began to have some issues and eventually her kidney failed and she was living with just one functioning kidney. The second kidney’s condition deteriorated and she has been on dialysis for the last four months.

She is now been living through dialysis since the last four months, her mother is willing to donate one of her kidneys but they are facing financial problems for the kidney transplant and the money which will be required to take care of the expenses for the immunosuppressant medicine after the surgery.

While speaking to My Medical Mantra, Shubham Zalse, Rohini’s brother, said, “Two years back, one of my sister’s kidney failed, now her other kidney has also stopped functioning. She has been relying on dialysis for the last four months. Her health has severely deteriorated and the doctors have told us that there is no way she will be able to survive without a kidney transplant.”

Rohini Zalse-Shinde (first from left) with her family

Rohini is currently being treated at Muljibhai Patel Urological Hospital in Gujarat. Shubham’s mother will be donating her kidney to her daughter. But they require 11 lakhs to gather funds for the kidney transplant. They also need 2-3 lakhs to cover the expenses of medicines after the treatment. The family is finding it very hard to afford these cost and are and hanging on the last thread.

Shubam further added, “We are finding it very difficult to come up with the money which will cover her treatment. My other two sisters are married, I work in a private company, while my father works as a watchman and my mother is a housewife.”

His sisters Monika Zalse-Patil, Nitisha Zalse-Patil, and Rohini’s husband are trying their level best to secure funds. Shubhan shared all of his concerns with his friends.

Dr Kishor Yadav, who works as a medical officer in a Primary Health Centre, In Dehu, Pune happens to be one of Shubham’s friends. He said, “Rohini’s brother is part of our friend circle when he told us that he needs help securing funds for his sister’s kidney transplant. We helped him as much we could, but even this was falling short. That is why we took the decision to start crowdfunding the treatment.”

Dr Yadav added, “The money we spend at a restaurant for tea or coffee comes up to Rs 10 or 50, Shubham’s sister is like a sister to us all. If we use this money for her treatment it can help save her. Rohini requires our help.”

If you wish to make a contribution:

Bank name- Bank of Maharashtra
Branch – Nashik city
IFSC code – MAHB0000014
Account holder name- Rohini Nagraj Zalse
Account number – 60158859840