Shocking! 1 lakh Mumbaikars bitten by dogs

Dog bite has become a grave issue in Mumbai. The number of patients suffering from dog bite in BMC clinics is going up. As per the figures released by the Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC), in the year 2015-2017, total 64,934 patients who came to take treatment were bitten by the dogs. 11,432 people were bitten by the dogs in the city. 31,293 people were bitten by the dogs in the western suburbs. 22,179 people were bitten by the dogs in the eastern suburbs who were treated in the hospitals


As per the BMC’s figures:

  • From March 2015- February 2016: 80, 934 people were bitten by dogs
  • From March 2016- February 2017: 82, 546 people were bitten by the dogs
  • From March 2017- February 2018: The figures increased up to 1 lakh 9 thousand 563
  • The number of stray dogs in Mumbai and Maharashtra is increasing

Human rights organisation who is angered by this said, “In the country approximately, 1,41,960 dogs were bitten. Amongst which, 20,000 people lose their lives in a year. In Maharashtra, around 7,777 people are bitten by the dogs.  80% patients are from the age group of 3-8.

Speaking to My Medical Mantra, Satyajit Shah, social worker said, “The deaths due to dog bites are going up. The patients lose their lives due to the lack of timely treatment. In Mumbai, around 80,000 people are bitten by the dogs. In thane, the numbers are more than 45,000. Every year 11,000 were bitten by the dogs.

As per Shah, due to the garbage thrown on the streets, the incidents of dog bites are rising. Few days ago, a 6-year-old boy died due to dog bite. Many incidents like this keep occurring every now and then.

Shah said, “India ranks first in Asia for death due to rabies. For which, the BMC has tried to sterilise dogs. Still, the incidents are increasing. The High Court had instructed to build an animal shelter. But, nothing has being done about it.”

Dogs are required to take rabies immunisation. Meanwhile for this, Dr Deepak Sawant, the State health minister will meet CM Devendra Fadnavis to decide about the policy regarding the same.