Shlok receives new heart, further treatment a daunting task ahead for parents

Shlok has undergone a heart transplant procedure at Mumbai's Fortis Hospital, Mulund, last week.  Luckily, Shlok got a heart in the nick of a time and he is recovering as well. But, the herculean task which now lies in front of his father is to arrange for the funds for his treatment

Shlok receives new heart, further treatment a daunting task ahead for parents

Shlok Bansode, a three-year-old from Pune, is currently recovering at Mumbai’s Fortis Hospital. Shlok, who was suffering from cardiomyopathy, has undergone a heart transplant in Fortis Hospital just a week ago. The family of this three-year-old toddler is very happy. As he got a donor heart, just a week after he was registered for a heart transplant.

But, now what lies in front of them, is a herculean task, to gather funds for Sholk’s treatment. And this is the burning question which every family has to face is, how to arrange funds post-treatment?

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Shlok Bansode

While speaking to My Medical Mantra, Shlok’s father Sheetal Bansode said, “Shlok is recovering now, his condition is improving. The cost of the treatment has reached to the tune of Rs 31 lakhs. We have paid around Rs 14 lakhs till now. And in future as well, we need money for the post-operative care. I am an engineer, but due to Shlok’s illness, I am not currently employed as of now. The only question which I keep thinking is how to gather funds?”

He further said, “We have started crowdfunding in order to arrange funds. We have approached a number of trusts for monetary help. So, I am appealing to everyone, please help me in arranging funds.”

Dr Swati Garekar, paediatric cardiologist, attached to Fortis Hospital Mumbai said, “When Shlok had come to our hospital, his health was failing. He was admitted in cardiac ICU. But, fortunately, he got a donor heart in the nick of a time, which saved his life. He is still on a ventilator.”

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Shlok Bansode

Mumbai’s Aaradhya Mule and Suhana Shaikh, Nashik’s Krishna Sadgir, have undergone heart transplant, recently in Mumbai. But one of the biggest challenges that transplant patients face is affording immunosuppressant medicines, which have to be taken throughout the person’s lifetime. These drugs reduce the body’s reaction to foreign organs and lessen chances of the transplanted organ being rejected.

My Medical Mantra, through the affordable transplant series, had tried to focus on the issue of how to make transplants affordable as it is the need of the hour.

If you wish to donate money for Shlok’s treatment, you can send it to:

Name: Nikhita Durgude

Bank: CITI

Branch: Koregaon Park Pune

Account number : 5172938703

IFSC Code: CITI0000005

Mobile Number: 9096390043/7219202094