Woman survives brain tumour, successfully runs a 21 kms marathon after 4 years

The 34-year-old woman from Guhagar, Ratnagiri who was paralysed since 2015, but she did not lose hope. Day-by-day, she worked hard to reach the goal which has set for herself. And finally, on Sunday, January 13, her efforts paid-off as she successfully ran the Pat Panhale marathon


“Over the years, I have believed that a person can achieve anything if they are brave, stubborn and determined. Doctors had left all hope when it came to her case. But, I did not lose hope and neither did my wife, I still trusted that she could recover. And through her immense willpower she achieved her goal,” said Deepak Kadam, the husband of Kavita.

In July 15, Kavita Kadam, was operated upon for a brain tumour. She was bedridden for four months after the surgery.

And now, she has stunned people and proved the doctors wrong as she ran the 21 kms marathon. After running the marathon, you could clearly see the happiness reflected in her face, even though, she was overwhelmed with emotions.


Even though, she was operated and bedridden, she was still determined to run and she never gave up on this dream of hers. Three years ago, she started training and exercising for this marathon, which she ran on January 13. She put in a lot of efforts to physically push her body towards recovery.

Her husband works as a sub-inspector (PSI) at Dabhole village. He has an equal amount of contribution, as his steadfast support and words of encouragement, helped Kavita on her road to recovery and boosted her performance.

While speaking to My Medical Mantra, Deepak said, “Last year, I took her along to watch a marathon. But she was stubborn and said that she wanted to participate in the very same marathon. In this marathon, she ran 7 kms. She then decided that next year, she will run the 21 kms marathon. She practiced a lot for this marathon and trained herself for this marathon. And finally, she achieved her dream.”

When asked about what motivated her to run the marathon, Kavita stated, “I had firmly decided that I will run the 21 kms marathon. I start my training at 6 a.m. in the morning. After putting in my best efforts, I felt very satisfied that I completed this marathon. During this time, my husband provided a lot of help and encouragement to me.”

Deepak further said, “Everyday, she used to practice for about 3 to 4 hours. At first, she slowly and steadily began to run 8 kms. But I encouraged her that she is capable of running 21 kms. She successfully completed her marathon on January 13, within three and a half hours. Her balance while running is still unsteady and improper. Doctors had said that she couldn’t be cured. But I did not believe the doctors and chose to think positively instead. Her recovery is the result of our combined positive thoughts, as this further propelled her willpower.”

Deepak and Kavita have established an NGO called Yashwant Navjivan and Sarvangina. They are soon going to open a physiotherapy centre via this organisation. Speaking about this Deepak informed, “We have decided to start a physiotherapy centre through the NGO that we have founded. At this centre will provide patients access to physiotherapy and will also counsel them. As a result of this, patients whose story is similar to Kavita’s will be encouraged to overcome the obstacles before them.”

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