She lost her hair, not her self-confidence

Everyone is quite protective of one's hair and tries to maintain it, but even the slightest loss of hair is enough to make us paranoid. Asha Savarkar Rasal, lost her hair during taking the treatment for an autoimmune disease.  But, she didn't lose her optimistic approach and kept following the guidelines. As a result, she is now cured and also has her healthy hair back

She lost her hair, not her self-confidence

One can easily find a person who is paranoid about their hair loss. Whether it is a woman or a man, everyone is quite protective of one’s mane and tries to maintain it as well as possible. Even the slightest loss of hair is enough to make us paranoid.

That’s why Asha Savarkar Rasal, a politician from Kalyan, stood out from the crowd. She lost her hair undergoing treatment for an autoimmune disease. Exactly a year ago, she shaved her head to remove the thin, unequal and damaged hair layers.

Once she recovered from the autoimmune disease, she wanted her hair back. Before her ailment, she had had thick, long and healthy hair. She consulted many doctors but was told that her hair wouldn’t grow back.

Even after being told this, she didn’t lose hope due to her optimistic approach. She kept on following the guidelines. As a result of which, she is now cured and has her healthy hair has grown back.

“One doctor blatantly told me that my hair won’t grow. I became very upset. I had such healthy hair. I wanted my hair back at any cost. Finally, I consulted Dr Anant Gaikwad and he expressed hope that it is possible to grow my hair back. I just followed his healthy ways and guidelines and after a year my hair has grown,” said Asha.

During this last year, Asha followed a diet regime and maintained a positive outlook. She had a diet with included foods rich in protein; she took multivitamins and massaged her head regularly in order to improve the blood circulation towards it. “I reduced the intake of mutton. Also, I kept my intake of tea and coffee in check. And, it helped,” said Asha.

The Ambarnath-based doctor, Dr Anant Gaikwad appreciated her approach in during this period. “During such a type illness, hair fall is an inevitable happening. Ashaji didn’t lose hope and it is remarkable. She didn’t let the hair loss hamper her confidence,” Dr Gaikwad said.

She lost her hair, not her self-confidence

While Asha wanted to grow hair again, being bald was not a problem for her. She posted her photos on Facebook and also socialised as she used to before.

“Now my hair has grown. When I was bald, I would never cover my head or shied away from interacting with people just because I didn’t have hair. I also used to post photos on my Facebook account. My confidence was not dependent on my hair,” Asha added.

She also shared a message for women cancer patients’ who lose hair during the treatment. “Never let these factors decide your ability. Keep hope and just take care of yourself properly. The positive approach is the key to the solution,” Asha said.