She is set to become India’s first mother after uterus transplant

Meenakshi Valand, a 27-year-old from Bharuch district of Gujarat, will be the first Indian woman to deliver her baby after undergoing a uterine transplant. When she is being monitored daily at Galaxy Care Hospital in Pune, doctors suggest that if everything goes well, they will perform a C-section in the last week of November


Her life-long wish was to become a mother and cradle her baby in her arms, and now it will finally become a reality. This has been achieved due to the advances in medical technology and the surgical procedure which the doctors at Galaxy Care Hospital excel in.

Speaking to My Medical Mantra, Dr Milind Telang, the gynaecologist, who is looking after her, said, “The critical anomaly scan at the 20th week of pregnancy is done. It says that the anatomical structure of the foetus is just fine. She is taking normal diet. We might perform a C-section on her after completion of 34-35 weeks.”

“Due to the side-effects of immunosuppressant drugs, she has developed diabetes,” added Dr Telang.

Valand delivery is due in December, but doctors said that they will not take any risk because of possibility of development of any complications.

“Her blood pressure and weight are normal. We are giving her minimal dose of immunosuppressant,” said Dr Telang.

Dr Shailesh Puntamber, Director of Galaxy Care Hospital (GCH), said, “She is doing well. She is 22 weeks pregnant now and after 12 weeks we will delivery her with C-section. We all are excited as the critical anomaly scan at the 20th week of pregnancy has come normal. The doctors and other staff are taking good care of her.”

Meenakshi has normal ovaries which were harvested and sperms were taken from her husband to prepare the embryos. Globally, only eight women have delivered through transplanted uteruses.

Meenakshi who suffered from dysfunctional uterus was fitted with her 45-year-old mother’s womb that was retrieved by mainly using the laparoscopy technique on May 19, 2018.