Shaky tooth? Don’t pull it out, advise doctors

Generally, when we feel a tooth moving or looseness in teeth, we ask the dentist to extract it. Now, doctors advise against pulling the teeth out as it can be saved naturally

Shaky tooth? Don’t pull it out, advise doctors

  • A 62-year-old patient had come for tooth removal at Noble hospital in Pune around five months back. He had insisted that he would like to undergo tooth removal. But doctors at the hospital insisted on saving the natural tooth.
  • Doctors generally go for tooth removal in such cases, but a Pune doctor performed a root canal on the tooth. Post four months of the root canal, when the patient came for follow up last week, doctors saw that the bone healing process has successfully happened.

Pune doctors saved the tooth of a patient who had root three mobility with the help of a common technique used during root canal. It is very rare to save a tooth by root canal, especially when the tooth is suffering from root three mobility. Doctors suggest that patient should always go in for saving natural teeth than going extracting it directly.

What is root three mobility?

Root three mobility is the highest form of mobility where mobility is seen with more than 1 mm of horizontal movement and the tooth can be depressible within the socket.

Dr Akshay Raut, dentist who practices at Noble Hospital in Pune, said, “I observed the infection and took a decision to do a root canal. Majority of patients who come to us with the complaints of tooth mobility ask for tooth removal. But if procedure like root canal is done properly, the natural tooth can be saved. This was a rare case that root three mobility case underwent root canal, but wherever possible efforts should be made to save the natural tooth.”

Dr Suhasini Ghanekar, a dentist at Aundh Civil Hospital Pune, said, “This is a rare case. But, patients and doctors should always go for saving the natural teeth. Although, at times, we advise tooth removal to patients if age, infection, affordability and such factors do not permit us to save the natural teeth.”