Sex reassignment surgery: Ruksar now becomes ‘Aman’

After Lalita Salve, five-year-old Ruksar (name changed) is now Aman. The first phase of sex reconstruction surgery which took place on Friday was successful. This is not a sex change but sex reconstruction surgery as Ruksar is biologically a boy, but the reproductive parts were not in the right place


Ruksar had been brought up like a girl by her family. But in the year 2016, her mother noticed certain changes in her body.

Ruksar (name changed) a 5-year-old girl hails from Majalgaon, Beed district, Maharashtra was accompanied by her father on Thursday, September 06, to Mumbai’s state-run St George hospital to seek a sex change surgery.

While speaking to My Medical Mantra, Dr Rajat Kapoor, a well-known plastic surgeon said, “This isn’t a sex change surgery but rather a sex reconstruction surgery as the patient is biologically a male with underdeveloped genitalia.”

Dr Kapoor added, “This was the first surgery, it took three hours to complete.”

Dr Madhukar Gaikwad, Medical Superintendent of Mumbai’s state-run St George hospital said, “She was admitted to the hospital on Thursday by her father. A sonography test, blood test and hormone test was conducted on the child and Ruksar was operated on Friday morning.”

Requesting anonymity, Ruksar’s Uncle said, “Before getting the surgery done her father, changed her to ‘Aman’. The health of the child is now stable. We have been advised to administer a liquid diet to her. She maybe discharged tomorrow.”