Sewri TB hospital saves man’s life by performing complex surgery

A 35-year-old Mumbaikar underwent a rather difficult surgery on Friday for TB alongside HIV. The primary concern which the doctors addressed was pleural empyema or pus in the chest of the patient. This was a supra-major operation which took about six hours to be completed

Sewri TB hospital saves man’s life by performing complex surgery

This Friday, November 10 was indeed a life changer for a 35-year-old Mumbaikar. For the first time in the history of Sewri’s Tuberculosis Hospital, it performed an open thoracotomy procedure. Sunil Kumar (name changed) was detected with a combination of tuberculosis and HIV back in 2013.

“Pleural empyema, or pus in the chest had to be addressed firstly. This was a supra-major operation that took about 6 hours. He had to be operated for TB. The family comes from a very humble background. He is the sole earning member of the family with two daughters,” said Dr Lalitkumar Anande, Chief Medical Officer at the Sewri’s Tuberculosis Hospital.

The six-hour long surgery was really a challenging one, said Dr Anande. However, none of this could be possible without an efficient team. “Our team did a commendable job. Nothing could have gone wrong then, since we were sure that the man had to be fine as he left the hospital,” added Dr Anande.

Kumar is doing better now and he shall be discharged in about seven days, said Dr Amol Bhanushali, Honorary Thoracic Surgeon at Sewri TB hospital who performed the surgery.

“This surgery is routinely done on TB patients. However, in his case he was also suffering from HIV. His was a case of chronic empyema. The surgery was done to remove the thickened pleura to expand the lung. The patient can be discharged around this week,” he said.