Seven tips to follow this monsoon for skin and hair care

Dr Amit Karkhanis, a Medical Cosmetologist and founder of Dr Tvacha Clinic, shares tips for monsoon skin and hair care

Seven tips to follow this monsoon for skin and hair care

Once the monsoon sets in, people get a feeling of satisfaction that they no longer need to deal with the sweltering heat. However, with this feeling, comes the problem of rising humidity and unprepared drenching, that can be dangerous for your skin and hair.

Here are some tips which can save your skin and hair during the monsoons

Use light, waterproof and non-comedogenic make-up

We all understand that women love wearing make-up during any season, but monsoon can cause wear-off your makeup or it can clog your skin pores, due to high humidity, and end up resulting in acne. To avoid causing trouble to your skin, opt for lighter, waterproof and non-comedogenic makeup.

Protect your hair

Your hair is prone to fluctuating weather. Bad odour, itchy scalp, and dandruff are common hair problems encountered during the monsoons. Try and protect your hair from rainwater. And, if this seems impossible, cleanse your hair with a mild shampoo after reaching home. It will protect your hair and scalp from the harsh effects of rainwater.


During monsoon, make sure you cleanse your skin regularly as dust particles easily settle and cling onto your skin rendering it dry. And, it can sometimes cause unwanted pimples.

Don’t say no to sunscreen

Only because it is not summer doesn’t mean you stop using the sunscreen. Even if it isn’t sunny, you need to put on sunscreen that has good SPF as even a little exposure to UV rays can harm your skin. Pick a sunscreen that complies to your skin requirements during monsoons.

Exfoliate regularly

To obtain a smooth and supple skin, during monsoons, it is necessary to get rid of dirt, debris, and the oil clogged in the skin pores. Exfoliating your skin can save it from the infection which dirt can cause. It also helps you to get rid of the top dead skin layers which make your skin look dull.

Moisturise your skin

Be kind to your skin in monsoons just like the other seasons. Moisturisers are faithful companions of your skin during the monsoon. Use skin lotions that contain natural fruit extracts, and ingredients that provide a natural blush to the skin, and also keeps the skin from getting dry.

Hot water bath

A hot water bath is essential to extract the excess oil that clogs the skin pores during monsoon season. The heat allows the skin pores to open and helps remove the excess oil from the skin.