Seven surgeries! That’s what it took for this man to regain his vision

After undergoing seven surgeries, after every recurrent loss in vision for since the past one year, he is finally is able to see with both his eyes after the final surgery was performed last month

Seven surgeries! That’s what it took for this man to regain his vision

Pravin Kale, who is 29 years old, works with an engineering firm in Pune. He suddenly lost vision in both the eyes in July 2016, this was the first time that this would happened to him, he approached the doctors and was operated upon in that month itself.

From July 2016 until the last month, Kale went through a lot of hardships. He was the sole earning member of his family. He was briefly unemployed, when he lost his eyesight for the first time.

Seven surgeries! That’s what it took for this man to regain his vision
Pravin Kale

“It was difficult to deal with such a situation, I realised that I am not able to see. My entire family is dependent on my income and I was mentally unprepared for this. After the first operation, when I regained my vision I was extremely happy. But this happiness would not last long, as I lost my vision again,” said Kale.

His trials and tribulations did not end here. In the course of time, whenever he lost his vision he would also end up losing his job. To fund his treatment, he took a loan of two lakh rupees from his extended family and friends.

Kale added saying, “Whenever I got operated upon, I was not sure if I would be able to see or would I go blind again. At a certain point, during my last surgery, I had almost given up hope. I am happy that I can see with both my eyes now. I hope that I will continue to see this beautiful world, for my entire life.”

Dr Hemant Todkar, an ophthalmologist at Ruby Hall Clinic, Pune, said, “When he came to me, he had lost his eyesight, without any trauma to the region. The retinas of both his eyes were detached. The cases of retinal detachment for both eyes are not very common. We did vitrectomy procedure which is performed to fix the retinal detachment and had administered him silicon oil injection.”

Doctors informed that after one and a half month of the surgery, due to retinal detachment, Kale lost vision in his right eye and after two and a half month it affected left eye too.

Once again, the doctors had to perform two surgeries of retinal attachment. Following which he was operated for cataracts in both his eyes. After eight days of the cataract surgery, retinal detachment of the right eye was observed by the doctors, this was recently operated upon.

Doctors believe that such a case is quite rare, as recurrence of retinal detachment is less than 1 per cent. Dr Todkar said, “Such kind of occurrences of repeated retinal detachment are very rare and this had made the case challenging for us to operate upon.”

Dr Sanjivani Ambekar, an ophthalmologist from Sassoon Hospital, said, “This is a very rare case. There are different reasons for retinal detachment and for the repeated surgeries done for the same.”